President Obama: The Alexandrian solution to the Gordian Knot and the DXV prophecy of Dante Alighieri

Alexander cuts the Gordian Knot

When Midas was grown to be a man, handsome and valiant, the Phrygians were harassed by civil discord, and consulting the oracle, they were told that a wagon would bring them a king, who would put an end to their discord.2 While they were still deliberating about this very matter, Midas arrived with his father and mother, and stopped near the assembly, wagon and all. They, comparing the oracular response with this occurrence, decided that this was the person whom the god told them the wagon would bring . They therefore appointed Midas king; and he, putting an end to their discord, dedicated his father’s wagon in the citadel as a thank-offering to Zeus the king for sending the eagle. In addition to this the following saying was current concerning the wagon, that whosoever could loosen the cord of the yoke of this wagon, was destined to gain the rule of Asia. The cord was made of cornel bark, and neither end nor beginning to it could be seen. It is said by some that when Alexander could find out no way to loosen the cord and yet was unwilling to allow it to remain unloosened, lest this should exercise some disturbing influence upon the multitude, he struck it with his sword and cutting it through, said that it had been loosened. But Aristobulus says that he pulled out the pin of the wagon-pole, which was a wooden peg driven right through it, holding the cord together. Having done this, he drew out the yoke from the wagon-pole. Campaigns of Alexander Arrian Anabasis 2:3

And perchance my prophecy, obscure as Themis and
Sphinx, doth less persuade thee, because after their fashion
it darkens thy mind;
but soon the facts shall be the Naiades that will solve this
hard riddle without loss of flocks or of corn.
Purgatorio xxxiii

The Phrygians were without a legitimate king, as is the world today, the world is without a legitimate universal monarch. According to Dante, the governing authority of the universal monarch is needed for a true restoration of world Peace. Dante foretells of this event in his Divine Comedy:

Know that the vessel which the serpent broke, was, and
Is not; but let him whose fault it is, believe that God’s
Vengeance fears no sops.
Not for all time shall be without heir the eagle that left
The plumage on the car, whereby it became a monster and
Then a prey;
For of a surety I see, and therefore do tell it, starts already
Nigh, secure from all impediment and from all hindrance,
That shall bring us times
Wherein a five hundred ten and five, sent by God, shall
slay the thief, with that giant who sins with her.
Purgatorio xxxiii

The above DXV prophecy tells of a time when the world will witness the restoration of All things in Christ when the universal monarch is elected. This Imperial election is a work Divine Providence. This Providential work has been hindered by malicious men. However, As Our Lady has said: In the end My Immaculate Heart will Triumph. Indeed, Her heart will triumph, and the world will witness the Imperial Election of the next Holy Roman Emperor.

But first the Gordian knot has to be cut, the obscure prophecy of the DXV has to be solved. The correct reading of the last few cantos of prugatorio will eventually bear fruit. Time and place is important. The current events will help one to understand the vision of Dante.

Now, so as not to get ahead of myself, I will just point out a few simple events as they occur, and will eventually write a more detailed analysis of Dante's vision as time and place permit. As for the correct meaning of the Vision of Dante, let's start with the worldly view on who has the capability to untie the Gordian knot or solve the obscure prophecy of Dante Alighieri.

On March 25th a meeting took place at the White House, between President Obama and the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, Archbishop Demetrios. These are the interesting comments made by Archbishop Demetrios, comparing President Obama to Alexander the Great: "Following the brilliant example of Alexander the will be able to cut the Gordian knot of these unresolved issues."

Only a nationalistic Greek Orthodox could envision such a thing; that President Obama has the ability to bring about universal Peace and Justice by untying the Gordian knot and solving the world’s unresolved issues.

If anything, President Obama, through the enforcment of the new world order agenda, has the ability to hinder (as much as man is allowed) the Just actions of Divine Wisdom.

Divine Wisdom will bring about True and lasting Peace through the Imperial Election of the next Holy Roman Emperor. Divine Providence will see to it that the new world order agenda is laid to rest. The office of the Holy Roman Emperor is the Divine instrument to achieve true Peace and Justice.

"I will tell Michelle I have been compared to Alexander the Great. I will see if that gets me a little more respect," President Obama


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