Sign the letter of support for pope Benedict XVI ! We want to build Christendom for the generations to come.

Giovanni di Paolo's Dante, Beatrice (Lady Wisdom) & the Blessed Trinity.

Here is a petition in support of Holy Father Benedict XVI, the purpose of this petition is for the desire of the lay faithful to build Christendom for the generations to come.

Nice desire I suppose, but without actual Roman Catholic lay leadership to implement a plan to build Christendom, this desire will not be realized. The traditionalist movement is always dependent on the Priestly Hierarchy to implement any restoration of all things in Christ. This is a mistake. First things first. The true restoration of all things in Christ will not come about unless the seven Imperial Electors meet and fulfil their Divinely Ordained Office to elect the next Holy Roman Emperor.

This is what the world is waiting for, most traditionalist are oblivious to such an endeavour. A few traditionalists are simply malicious souls who would rather vote for the next protestant presidential candidate, than to consider petitioning the Archbishop of Mainz to call for the next Imperial Election.

Hey, but this the purpose of this site, to point out the way to properly restore all things in Christ, with the help of Divine Providence, Lady Wisdom, and Dante of course.


  1. Saint Martin of Tours is the Patron Saint of the Diocese of Mainz. The seat of the diocese is in Mainz at the Cathedral dedicated to Saints Martin and Stephen. Perhaps these two are who we must petition to help bring about the return of the Holy Roman Empire. I don't want to see another protestant and/or freemason elected to any position of power again.

  2. Thanks for the info on St Martin. One devotion to St Martin is to attend Mass on his feast day 11-11 & attend Mass on the day he was consecrated as Bishop 7-4. Both days are military holidays of sorts in the US veterns day 11-11 & Independence day and most government workers have both days off. If anything US government workers should make the attempt to attend Mass on both days. If one attends Mass on both days in honor of St Martin one has the double protection of St Martin. Because of your post I think I will read the life of St Martin written by Sulpicius Severus a very good book to read.
    Thanks again.


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