Nazi ‘priest’ is not a priest, but apparently he is still an unrepentant nazi.

Swastika Sacristan

Sacristan: an official in charge of the sacred vessels, vestments, etc., of a church or a religious house.

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'Churchgoers at San Francesco Parish in a small town in Pavia were horrified after their verger, commonly known in Italy as 'sacrestano', Angelo Idi, was brandishing a Nazi armband.While neo-Nazism isn't widespread in Italy, finding a man employed by the Church wearing the Swastika was not something churchgoers are used to. The local paper broke the story and the national press were quick to pick it up. While Idi was proud of his ideology, the locals were far from accomodating, mostly saying this is a "shameful" and "horrible" thing for a man associated with the Church.Idi, 51, who worked as a verger in the Parish Church for the last five years is unrepentant."I was free to express myself. We are in a free country, aren't we?"In reply to the question why he wore the Nazi armband for the first time on a day that commemorated the victims of the Holocaust, Idi replied: "In truth, I didn't know about it. But as far as I know it doesn't look that Israel were soft in their attitude towards Palestine.""Yes I am a member of the far-right political ideology. I am proud of that" continues Idi, adding that he even sent a letter to the Mussolini family members as an apology from the Italian people.He says he doesn't find any conflict between his ideology and his religious beliefs."In church I was hard because it's my job. The rest of the Churchgoers haven't all voted for middle parties... how many do you think have voted in favour of abortion but still go to Church?"


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