Schönborn speaks out against the leader of the Ethno-Nationalist FPÖ Heinz-Christian Strache and his use of the cross for political purposes

Ethno-Nationalist Heinz-Christian Strache and male friend

Recent article on the Cross carrying Ethno-Nationalist Heinz-Christian Strache : Schönborn speaks out against FPÖ´s use of the cross. This is the same 'Roman Catholic' Heinz-Christian Strache who attended and participated in a Serbian Orthodox service on March 2nd 2008: 'According to the report by Austrian Serbs, Strache stood humbly during the entire Service, taking part in the worship and crossing himself according to the holy canons of the Eastern Orthodox Church, with three fingers. At one point, he even demonstrated unexpected familiarity with the Orthodox Christian liturgical service by joining the faithfuls' responses to the priest leading the prayers.' Roman Catholics do not participate in Serbian Orthodox services. It gives scandal. As for his 'wielding a cross when holding a speech at a demonstration against the extension at an Islamic cultural centre in Vienna last week' one can only surmise that it was for all for show. No substance in it whatsoever.


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