Bill Gates Possible Candidate To Fill The Seat Of The True World Political Authority Requested By Pope Benedict XVI

Bill Gates and Family
Rome 2009

Another possible candidate to fill the seat of the true world political authority requested by Pope Benedict XVI would Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. This papal political appointment will have universal authority over all nations. This appointment will have the following responsibilities:

To manage the global economy
To revive economies hit by the crisis
To bring about integral and timely disarmament
To guarantee the protection of the environment
To regulate migration

Mr. Gates is not a Roman Catholic, but he is universally recognized and has a proven track record of creating and managing a multi-billion dollar corporation . This new papal political appointment would need to be universally recognized and this will be done by declaring universal election. So Mr. Gates would be on the ballot.

More photos of Bill Gates and Family Touring Rome May 2009


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