Dante Alighieri Canonization Monitor July 2009

Dante Alighieri Canonization Monitor

This post is created to keep watch, to listen and wait for the events leading to the eventual canonization of Dante Alighieri. The following is the prophecy of Dante foretelling the lifting of the sentence of his exile from the city of Florence, his eventual canonization and the translation of his remains to the City of Florence.

'If ever it should happen that this sacred poem,
to which both Heaven and Earth have set their hand,
wearing me out in long years' toil, win over the cruel

hearts which keep me in exile from the sweet fold where
I slept as a lamb, an enemy to the wolves who now
make war upon it, then with a new voice and a new fleece

I shall return, a poet, and be crowned with the laurel
wreath at the font of my baptism.'
paradiso canto xxv

Unfortunately no news yet on the Canonization of the Divine Poet. Instead we have talk of possible beatification of G.K. Chesterton. I guess the Ethno-Nationalists and distributists nazis must have a saint to help them back their misguided and hellish political views. It makes it easier to swallow their rubbish if they can point to a fat slob who made it to heaven. Article here:

"Blessed" G.K. Chesterton? Interview on Possible Beatification of English Author


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