Obama is Dante's Greyhound? ~ Drive Time By Gideon Rachman Financial Times

The Greyhound (veltro) prophecy of Virgil
Foretelling the restoration of the Holy Roman Emperor:

Behold the beast, for which I have turned back;
Do thou protect me from her, famous Sage,
For she doth make my veins and pulses tremble.
"Thee it behoves to take another road,"
Responded he, when he beheld me weeping,"
If from this savage place thou wouldst escape;
Because this beast, at which thou criest out,
Suffers not any one to pass her way,
But so doth harass him, that she destroys him;
And has a nature so malign and ruthless,
That never doth she glut her greedy will,
And after food is hungrier than before.
Many the animals with whom she weds,
And more they shall be still, until the Greyhound
Comes, who shall make her perish in her pain.
He shall not feed on either earth or pelf,
But upon wisdom, and on love and virtue;
'Twixt Feltro and Feltro shall his nation be;
Of that low Italy shall he be the saviour,
On whose account the maid Camilla died,
Euryalus, Turnus, Nisus, of their wounds;
Through every city shall he hunt her down,
Until he shall have driven her back to Hell,
There from whence envy first did let her loose.
Therefore I think and judge it for thy best
Thou follow me, and I will be thy guide,
And lead thee hence through the eternal place,
Dante Alighieri Inferno Canto I

The funniest thing I've seen yet. Scares the hell out of me as well. Will anybody else catch on? The article appearing in the Financial Times here by Gideon Rachman is a book review of three different works on Internationalism/Globalism and the art work above is by James Ferguson. I would think that the artist or writer knew exactly the symbolic meaning of placing Obama as the driver of the Greyhound Bus. Ha ha ha ha... I have to give both of these men credit.

Interesting point from Talbott's book is that he considers Dante's work as necessary for implementing and promoting internationalism

The philosophers who Talbott quotes with particular approval are the patron saints of internationalism – Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) and Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). Dante dreamed of a “universal peace”, when “humankind can be ruled by one supreme prince”.

I would concur of course and add that Dante Alighieri's view of internationalism is the only correct way of governing the world. And this govering authority is the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. Which I believe is what the Holy Father was hinting at in his latest encyclical Caritas in Veritate paragraph 67. The Pope is calling for the urgent need of a true world political authority. But time will tell. Timing is everything just a few days after this encyclical was released President Obama makes a visit to the Vatican, Obama was invited by the Pope to the Vatican for a meeting, was the Pope giving the world a hint of who the Pope thinks would be able to fill the shoes of the true world political authority? I certainly hope the Pope is not considering Obama. What adds to my nightmare is the above cartoon. Still funny as hell though! Dante was always waiting for the arrival of the (DXV515) or Greyhound to correct the worlds ills. But I don't think Dante's prophetic vision had Obama in mind. God forbid!

God damm you, ageless She-Wolf, you whose greed,
whose never-sated appetite, has claimed
more victims than all other beasts of prey!
You heavens, whose revolutions, some men think,
determine human fate - when will he come,
he before whom that beast shall have to flee?
Purgatorio Canto xx


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