Hatred for all things Roman

CARRACCI, Annibale
Domine quo vadis?

There are those who leave Rome and those who go to Rome:

'Whither goest thou?' St Peter

'I am going to Rome to be crucified again' Jesus Christ

‘You will be a forest-dweller here for only a short time,
And then with me you will eternally be a citizen
of that Rome whence Christ is Roman’
Purgatorio xxxii

From the 'Roman' Catholic Angelqueen web site a recent post Catholic Vs Roman Catholic and some of the views expressed on the merits of rejecting the word Roman from Roman Catholic. Seems even some traditionalists hate the word Roman and would rather simply be called Catholic. Looks like these Catholics blame the use of the word Roman Catholic on the English protestants therefore they refuse to be called Roman Catholic. I bet these types have other deep seated issues on all things Roman. Makes my job a heck of lot easier. Any Catholic who refuses to be called Roman Catholic will be suspect in the coming years.


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