Pope John XXIII and His Awakening of a Mysterious Force & Pope Pope Benedict XVI and his Urgent Need of a True World Political Authority

The New World Order
Good Old-Fashioned Nightmare of Traditionalists

Paragraph 19 from the encyclical of Pope John XXIII Grata Recordatio On the Rosary: Prayer for the Church, Missions, International and Social Problems. September 26, 1959:

The Coming of God's Kingdom

19. Our thoughts turn to all the lands of this earth. We see all mankind striving for a better future; We see the awakening of a mysterious force, and this permits us to hope that men will be drawn by a right conscience and a sense of duty to advance the real interests of human society. That this goal may be realized in the fullest sense—that is, with the triumph of the kingdom of truth, justice, peace, and charity—We exhort all Our children in Christ to be "of one heart and one soul'' and to pour out ardent prayers in October to our Queen in heaven and our loving Mother, reflecting upon the words of the Apostle: "In all things we suffer tribulation, but we are not distressed; we are sore pressed, but we are not destitute; we endure persecution, but we are not forsaken; we are cast down, but we do not perish; always bearing about in our body the dying of Jesus, so that the life also of Jesus may be made manifest in our bodily frame."'

‘We see the awakening of a mysterious force’ What is this mysterious force? According to Mark Fellows author of Fatima in Twilight, this mysterious force that Pope John XXXII speaks of is ‘in essence a gnostic, Masonic, and ultimately Godless earthy utopia.’
Here is what Mark Fellows has to say about this paragraph 19:

This is a revealing paragraph. It seems unlikely the “mysterious force” John “saw awakening” was the Blessed Virgin – had it been, surely he would have named her. Why did he not name this other, different mysterious force. And just what were the ‘real interests of human society” this mysterious force was thought to draw men to advance? Once upon a time it was taught that ‘the real interests of human society” were identical with the interests of the Church – helping souls orient their earthly pilgrimage towards the true reality – an eternal afterlife and the beatific vision. No doubt John still believed this, but it appears he believed something else besides.

This “something else” will herein be called the papal vision. Pope John was the first (but not the last) Pope to publicly subordinate not just the Fatima Message, but the Church and the Mother of God as well to the papal vision, which after he death became more recognizable, more defined. The vision of John and the other conciliar Popes appears to be rooted not in tradition or scripture, but in the future. The papal vision is in essence a gnostic, Masonic, and ultimately Godless earthy utopia. It is presently called the “new advent of humanity”. Mark Fellows Fatima in Twlight page 165

Now for similar comments on paragraph 67 of Pope Benedict’s latest encyclical Charitas In Veritate. The words: ‘there is urgent need of a true world political authority’ have frightened many a Roman Catholics. Here are the few:

‘Is the pope calling here for a worldwide state, with coercive authority, that will govern all men at once? ….On this point I must say respectfully to His Holiness: Not in this lifetime’ John Zmirak

'Catholics have every right respectfully but vigorously to oppose creation of a "true world political authority' Christopher A. Ferrara Remnant Columnist, New Jersey

‘The most shocking and long-reaching conclusion of this positive promotion of globalization on a human and cultural as well as economic level is the call for an international authority to impose it legally, to enforce in an obligatory manner the dialogue between economies, cultures, religions, and peoples as promoted by this integral humanism…..This means the loss of national sovereignty and any possibility of union between Church and State. It means the establishment of the one world order that Freemasonry has long fought to achieve.’ Fr. Peter Scott

In both examples, the paragraphs calling for an urgent need of a true world political authority and awaking of a mysterious force we find that Roman Catholic laymen have come to the conclusion that the papacy is promoting and plotting to create a one world government. It is self evident that Pope John's awakening of a mysterious force and Pope Benedict's true world political authority are one and the same.

So what is this papal vision of John? What is this awakening of a mysterious force? Is it describing the United Nations? If the mysterious force and true world political authority is one and the same then this mysterious force and true world political authority can not be describing the United Nations. It would be redundant to call for a true world political authority when it already exists in the form of the United Nations. No this awakening of a mysterious force and true world political authority is something else altogether. Because of the unfounded fears of Roman Catholic writers for a new world order many are unable to properly discern the meaning of mysterious force and true world political authority, therefore many believe that the Papacy will help to establish the new world order. This unfounded belief is a great danger and will cause considerable harm in restoring all things in Christ. On the contrary the above papal statements should be read differently and properly in light of the Fatima message and this will lead us to read that the popes are preapring men to accept the return of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor not a Masonic one world order.

The awakening of a mysterious force which will be the return of the Holy Roman Emperor is also found in the prophecy of Holzhauser (d. 1658): When everything has been ruined by war: when Catholics are hard pressed by traitous co-religionists and heretics; when the Church and her servants are denied their rights, the monarchies have been abolished and their rulers murdered….then the Hand of Almighty God will work a marvelous change….. And this marvelous change is the re-establishment of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor hinted at by both Pope John XXIII & Pope Benedict XVI.


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