The Authority Of The Holy Roman Emperor Is Hid In The Five Holy Wounds

Splendor in his hands: there is his strength hid.


  1. Can you describe further the structure of the monarchy that contains the True World Political Authority? Is it Absolutism? Enlightened absolutism? What does it look like and what does the Catholic Church relate to it?

  2. The True World Political Authority is Divinely Ordained. The Papacy is of Divine origin and so is the Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. Two suns ruling the world the one in spritual matters the other in temporal matters. Since all authority flows from the Blessed Trinity to these to suns it is termed absolute. The Churchmen out of envy have done their best to destory the temporal authority and they succeeded. The world is now governed by the UN etc.. so the church men now are the only Divinely Ordained Authority around... but look at the state of the world with the other sun darkend. Things will change when the other sun is put back in its proper place...

  3. I know you have looked at Bill Gates but his philathropist ventures supporting abortion perhaps rule him out. Obama I would hope would be ruled out for the same reason. Have you looked at the rightful heir to the throne that is still alive today, Karl van Hapsburg? What are your thoughts?

    Otto was a faithful Catholic who tried to mediate the end WWI based upon Catholic principles.

    Who are the Church men? Priests, politicians, citizens? Will it take the destruction of 3/4 of the people to bring about the peoples desire to have a monarchy again? According to Meises' letter to Otto it has to come from the desire of the people and cannot be forced upon them or do you think differently?

    You have very thought provoking information on your blog. - Steve


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