Pope Benedict’s Urgent Call For A True World Political Authority And The G20 Proposal

How long before the G-20 turns their attention in creating a new framework outlining who is to manage the World Economy? Committee or individual? Will the G-20 listen to Pope Benedict and put into motion a plan for the creation of a true world political authority:

To manage the global economy
To revive economies hit by the crisis
To avoid any deterioration of the present crisis and the greater imbalances that would result
To bring about integral and timely disarmament
To bring about food security
To bring about peace
To guarantee the protection of the environment
To regulate migration

For all this, there is urgent need of a true world political authority Pope Benedict XVI

For the G20 to successfully implement its ideas in solving the world’s economic ills someone with true political authority has to enforce those rules & regulations. This must be the responsiblity of an individual and the nations of the G20 must submit themselves to the will of this political authority.

The following are a few of the first news articles related to this subject:

“When the G20 leaders gather in Pittsburgh, aside from all the talk of economic recovery and regulation of the banks, one of the key topics will be reforming the way the world economy is governed.” BBC NEWS : Who runs the global economy?

Religious leaders to press G-20 on hunger
Retired Catholic bishop to join faith leaders meeting around the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh. They expect action on hunger.


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