Berlusconi Has Backed Blair For EU Presidency A Step Closer In Transforming The Holy Edifice Of The Office Of The Holy Roman Emperor Into A Monster

M. Gustave Dore

Dante’s prophetic vision of the whore (una puttana) along side giant (un gigante) seated in the chariot representing the usurpation of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor by the secular man-made authority European Union (giant) with the cooperation of the papacy (whore)

Thus transformed, the holy edifice
put forth heads on all its parts,
three on the shaft and one at every corner--
the first three bore horns like oxen, the others
had a single horn upon their foreheads--
such a monster as never seen before.
Secure, like a fortress on a towering mountain,
I saw a disheveled harlot sitting there,
casting provocative glances this way and that.
I saw a giant who stood beside her,
perhaps to prevent her being taken from him.
They kissed each other again and again.
But because she turned on me
her lustful, roving eye, that savage lover
thrashed her body from head to foot.
Then, full of suspicion and cruel in his rage,
he unhitched the monster and dragged it through the wood
so far that the wood itself now screened
the harlot and the strange brute from my sight.

Purgatory xxxii

"Tony Blair has all the right credentials for becoming the first president of the European Council in the terms enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty, and to be appointed to that post as soon as it is legally and politically possible to give the go-ahead to the implementation of the clause renewing the union's governance." Silvio Berlusconi

Berlusconi backing Blair For EU Presidency is a step closer into transforming the Office of the Holy Roman Emperor into a such a monster as never seen before. The godless EU Presidency will replace the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. Pope Benedict's call for a true world political authority has fallen on deaf ears so the Pope's plea for a true world political authority will now turn into a false world political authority. The bright side the europeans may get to go to the polls once again to vote for Tony Blair for the EU Presidency.

BBC Berlusconi backs Blair for EU job


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