Only The Chastisement Will Save Us

The slothful man saith: There is a lion without, I shall be slain in the midst of the streets.

The following letter sent to Tradition in Action (a very good web site) that is typical end of days mentality found amongst most "Traditionalists". This world view amongst the laity is a widespread sickness. I will continue to point this out because this prevalent end of days attitude in "Trad" circles greatly hinders the restoration of All things in Christ. Not to say that these types should be the "ones" to restore all things in Christ, on the contrary those who hold to these bizarre end of days phobias will most likely never give them up and are in no condition to help restore all things in Christ. Instead many of these types (a small army by now) will do everything in their "power" to push things along into their way of thinking.. ..whatever the cost. Fear mongering is not part of Roman Catholic Tradition. These idiots need to be taken to task because by now (2009) it is evident that these types do not hold these bizarre end of day views out of ignorance but mainly cling to them out of malice.

Only the Chastisement Will Save Us

Dear TIA,

Thank you, Mr. Guimaraes, for your excellent and incisive article "Conservatives by Necessity". You very rightly note that the present hierarchy of the Church is facing a conundrum. They cannot deny the fact that the New Mass has produced desolation but they simply will not renounce Vatican II. They would simply be renouncing their life's work and they cannot bring themselves to do it.

The ancient Jews refused to believe in Christ even though they witnessed unheard of miracles. Their punishment is that they continue to have a veil placed over their eyes concerning the Messiah. The present leaders of the Church also have a veil in front of their eyes as punishment for trying to utterly destroy the True Mass. They really do think that if they reform the reform, people will flock back. How utterly ludicrous!

Nothing short of a total renunciation of Vatican II and a return of the Traditional Mass and to the teaching of the eternal truths of Holy Mother the Church will suffice. I will not be holding my breath for this renunciation. I believe that the die has been cast and that only the chastisement foretold at Fatima, La Salette, etc. will induce mankind to return to the True Faith.

In Christ,



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