Tyranny Of The Lisbon Treaty Brought To You By..

The Ballot Box

Aristotle said that the perverted third worst form of government — democracy — gives rise to tyranny more than any of the other forms of government. I guess the majority of you do not pay attention to Aristotle. Congratulations Ireland by exercising your democratic freedom by casting ballots your votes helped to usher in the tyranny of the Lisbon Treaty! Election officials announced Saturday October 3, 2009 that more than 67 percent of voters supported the Lisbon Treaty.
Let me make a prediction — this lesson on Lisbon Treaty will be lost on the majority of mankind—reason—because most of you like to cast your ballots in every election after election. Most will still fear the coming tyranny arising from some individual forgetting all along that the very practice of casting ballots brings about tyranny. The Lisbon Treaty is such an example.


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