The Purpose Of The Roman Catholic Imperialist

"Here you shall be-awhile-a visitor;
but you shall be with me-and without end-
Rome's citizen, the Rome in which Christ is
Roman; and thus, to profit that world which
lives badly, watch the chariot steadfastly
and, when you have returned beyond, transcribe
what you have seen." Thus, Beatrice
Purgatorio XXXII

Robert has asked a few questions regarding the purpose of this blog

"I am somewhat confused by this blog and this post. You say you are a Roman Catholic imperalist but this post seems to indicate that you see the papacy as "una puttana" and the fulfillment of a dark prophecy.

Secondly, I am curious about your thoughts on the Holy Roman Empire itself. Do you see it as an organic continuation of the old Roman Empire or as something utterly distinct and different?"

I would only label the sins and actions of men who occupy the office of the papacy as "una puttana" and would not label the Divinely Ordained Office of the Holy Roman Pontiff as such. I am allowed to separate the sins and evil actions of men from the Divinely Ordained Office. The sins and actions of papacy that have caused considerable harm to the world (which everyone would agree with, but do not understand) is the papal sin of envy directed toward the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. Because of this papal sin of envy, the world is now governed by the secular new world order. The new world order is the fruit of papal sin of envy directed toward the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. This the main theme in all of Dante's works: that the papacy has hindered the work of the Holy Roman Emperor because of its envy directed toward this great illuminary. Dante and others have said that there are two lights given to men to best govern the world: the Divinely Ordained Office of the Holy Roman Pontiff and the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. Both Divine Offices are needed to best govern men. These offices are to cooperate in governing men, the papal office is to govern the world in spiritual matters & the Holy Roman Emperor is to govern the world in temporal matters. If either office fails to cooperate with the other - all hell breaks lose in the world. (This is a truism that is apparently forgotten by everyone). Because of the envy of men who held positions as the Pope, the Divine Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor has been effectively destroyed. This great illuminary no longer gives its light to the world as it was called to do by the Blessed Trinity. Something has to fill the void left by Roman Imperial authority and that something is the new world order. This is what the envy of the papacy has wrought.

In order to give balance and order to the world, both great lights are needed to rule supreme in their respective orbits and not hinder the other. So until the seven Imperial Electors elect the next Holy Roman Emperor to fill the void, the world will still remain off course. The World must be governed by both of these great lights. Anyone Roman Catholic who refuses to acknowledge this simple truth effectively hinders the restoration of all things in Christ in the world and in his own soul.

Along with Dante and other men I know that the Holy Roman Empire is Divinely Ordained and was created by the Blessed Trinity to best govern men. So yes the next Holy Roman Emperor will be a continuation of the old Roman Empire and will posses the same Divine Authority that was bestowed upon it at its inception when Aeneas first set foot in Italy.


  1. First of all, thank you for giving a full post in response to my question!

    This is extremely interesting and all new to me. I have studied many issues surrounding the Roman Catholic church and its "cross-over" into the temporal realm, but I have never heard anyone advocate what you are advocating. At least, not for a few centuries. I believe your system of thought is called "Caesaro-papism," if I am not mistaken. Beyond that, I am way out of my league. The "papal envy" theory, the prophetic role of Latin/Italian writers--these are things I truly have never encountered before. Are there many who believe this way?

    I assume you find the year 1302 one of the darkest years in history: that is, when Pope Boniface VIII released his bull, Unam Sanctum, subjecting the "sword" of temporal authority beneath the "sword" of the pope's spiritual authority.

    So, what is the practical means whereby the Holy Roman Empire should be resurrected? Are you calling for Otto von Habsburg to be crowned the emperor of Europe? And does a would-be emperor need to be of royal blood or can any suitable candidate take the throne?

    Do you believe that the European Union may be the seedling of a reborn Holy Roman Empire? There are many out there who believe that this may be possible.

  2. Robert,
    I share a lot of your similar interests with the posts on this site. This too is new to me and has opened up a new way of thinking of things

    I believe Otto van Hapsburg created the Pan-Europa which have been hijacked by the EU.

    They even took the flag but removed the cross.

    One question I have is, has there ever been a properly aligned Emperor and Papacy? I would like to know to get an idea of how this "proper" government of man looks.

    Also, who are the imperial electors?

    It is interesting to note that Otto did not renounce his heirs right, so Karl is next in line.

    I would like to hear from the Roman Catholic Imperialist what his thoughts are on the nationalist woman that attacked BXVI this Christmas. He has been predicting that the Fatima Pope would be attacked by an Italian Nationalist. This may be a precursor.

  3. Steve: Susanna Maiolo is from the Italian speaking Swiss canton of Ticino and holds Italian & Swiss passports. She is a Swiss-Italian national with no political conections. She is not a nationalist that I can see. Steve if you have any other info that states that Maiolo has political ties to an Italian or Swiss national political movement please post the news link. Looks like Maiolo acted alone & is unstable as most tend to think.

  4. Roman Catholic Imperialist,
    Can you summarize a short list of significant Papal sins that you mention?

    You say,
    "Roman Empire and will posses the same Divine Authority that was bestowed upon it at its inception when Aeneas first set foot in Italy." How did the first Divine Authority of the emperor come to be?

    Finally, I know little about how the old Roman Empire came about, but wasn't Aeneas a descendant of Zeus and therefore of Greek mythological origin? How does the HOLY Roman Empire find its root Old/New Testament?


  5. Hello. I am also very skeptical of Pope Francis. Apparently this guy is a move from within the Catholic Church to block the Holy Roman Emperor and take his seat. (BTW, you were right about Paris Hilton.) On the other hand, there are the classical plans from Masonry to take Peter's seat, so I am wondering what will be left for the Emperor in the future.
    There is a precedent to this catastrophe: Boniface VIII, who forcibly put Celestine V out of the papal seat; this led Philip the Fair to enter in conflict with him, and to abolish the Templars under Clement V - thus paving the way for the secular mindset which has prevailed since the Renaissance and the French Revolution. I am wondering what catastrophes will arise from all this...
    Perhaps a new pope will be needed to put things into order. Let's pray the archangel MICHAEL to do this job...


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