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The Prime Minister Berlusconi Is On Bill Gates’ "Shame List."

HOLBEIN, Hans the Younger
The Humiliation of the Emperor Valerian by the Persian King Sapor
c. 1521

'Finalized in 1521, the program of murals for the Great Council Chamber of Basle Town Hall consisted of the Virtues and scenes from antiquity. A scene intended to remind councilors not to misuse their power shows the humiliation of Valerian. This Roman emperor was shamefully treated by the victorious king of the Persians, Sapor, who, after his victory at Edessa, used the emperor as a stool to mount his horse. As it was a scene rarely illustrated, Holbein provided the names of the main characters as inscriptions.'(webgallery of art) Is Mr. Bill Gates using the Italian Prime as a stool to mount his political career? Maybe to advance his name as a contender for the head of Pope Benedicts' True World Political Authority?

The Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi who makes regular appeances On Dante’s ‘Skinny Bitches, Well Trained And Obedient’ corner is now on Bill Gates' list of s…

The New Mass As A Dry Tree: The Prophetic Vision Of Petrus Christus

The Virgin of the Dry Tree
c. 1460

“It is not appropriate to speak of these two versions of the Roman Missal as if they were "two Rites". Rather, it is a matter of a twofold use of one and the same rite.” Pope Benedict XVI Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum
Is the above painting by Petrus Christus (b. 1410/20, Baarle, d. 1475/76, Brugge) a prophetic vision of the New Mass? According to Web Gallery of Art:

 “This small panel is a puzzling composition which conceals a complex symbolism. The painting is a late work by Christus, who from 1462 was a member of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Dry Tree. The dry and thorny branches could be a prefiguration of the Crown of Thorns, but the painting has also been interpreted as an early representation of the Immaculate Conception. The hanging letter A's symbolize fifteen Ave Marias.”
But the complex symbolism in this painting could also be a representation the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. A Mass that has been stripped of…

Two Early Interpretations Of Dante's Veltro

Dante's ten heavens By Edmund Garratt Gardner

ABOUT three years after Dante's death, Ser Graziolo dei Bambaglioli, then Chancellor of Bologna, published his famous commentary upon the Inferno. His position, at the very beginning of critical study of the Divina Commedia, gives peculiar interest and importance to his attempt to solve the problem, perhaps insoluble, of what Dante really meant by his prophecy of the coming of the Veltro. It is needless to say that for him the Wolf is Cupidity, radix omnium malorum, and that no anticipation of modern political interpretations is to be found in his work.

Molti son gli animali, a cui s' ammoglia,
E piu saranno ancora, infhi che il Yeltro
Verra, che la fara morir con doglia.
Questi non cibera terra ne peltro,
Ma sapienza e amore e virtute,
E sua nazion sara tra feltro e feltro.
Di quell' utnile Italia fia salute,
Per cui mori la vergine Cammilla,
Eurialo, e Turuo, e Niso di ferute.
Questi la caccera …

Mr. Stephen Heiner Has Decided To Resign His Membership In The Rotary Effective Immediately

Good for Mr. Stephen Heiner here is the complete letter explaining his resignition from the Rotary Club of Overland Park

On membership in the Rotary

Dear friends

Some days ago it was put to me by someone on AQ who was concerned for my welfare (albeit, he demonstrated it in a rather clumsy way) that membership in Rotary was dangerous.

Now, clearly, if I knew that, I wouldn't have advertised that I was in Rotary, or been so active in my club, up to and including running my club's blog.

So, instead of what others might do, I did what I might do, which was contact John to see what he knew about it, and then I immediately sent an email out to 5 trusted friends, one of them a priest, and of course, Bishop Williamson. Here are the responses I received:


Penal laws are to be interpreted strictly, and even though the Rotary and the Lions have a masonic flair and were considered as fishing organizations for the FM, and therefore looked upon with suspicion by the clergy in Spain, their membe…

Why Does Stephen Heiner A Strict Traditionalist Belong To The Rotary Club Of Overland Park?

The recent January 25th thread on the Angelqueen form THE ROTARY CLUB - A MASONIC ORGANIZATION tells us that the strict Roman Catholic Traditionalist Mr. Stephen Heiner belongs to the Overland Park Rotary Club. (Also see Bishop Williamson’s Publisher, Stephen Heiner, And The Rotary Conspiracy Theory) Why would a Traditional Roman Catholic belong to the Overland Park Rotary Club? Well, for professional reasons of course. According to the owner of Angelqueen web site - Servitium - tells us that: I just heard from Stephen, who tells me he had no clue of any of this regarding the Rotary. I know that he's a small businessman and likely joined for the same reason others do - networking and public engagement. Stephen Heiner has had plenty of time to respond to the charge that he belongs to the Overland Park Rotary Club, but has failed to do so. His first post on this thread was Tuesday, Januuary 26th. It is now January 28th, and there has been no denial from Mr. Heiner that he belongs to…

NASA Mars Exploration Rover Will One Day To Return To Place Of Origin ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

Yet another work of men that must return to its place of origin according to the Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. NASA's Mars Exploration Rover is making news because it is now stationary and is no longer able to move on its own.

Now a Stationary Research Platform, NASA's Mars Rover Spirit Starts a New Chapter in Red Planet Scientific Studies

If the theology of St Thomas is correct that all of the works of men will be cleansed by the fire of the final conflagration (Every man's work shall be manifest; for the day of the Lord shall declare it, because it shall be revealed in fire; and the fire shall try every man's work, of what sort it is.) and if it is true that this fire of the final conflagration will cleanse up to that point of a height of 15 cubits above the mountain tops, then it stands to reason that the modern works of men (spacecraft etc.) that have left the orbit of the earth must one day be brought back to their place of origin (which is below the height of 1…

Pope Benedict XVI Could Visit Serbia In 2013, On The Anniversary Of The Edict Of Milan

The Baptism of Constantine

The Edict of Milan (313 A. D.)
When I, Constantine Augustus, as well as I Licinius Augustus d fortunately met near Mediolanurn (Milan), and were considering everything that pertained to the public welfare and security, we thought -, among other things which we saw would be for the good of many, those regulations pertaining to the reverence of the Divinity ought certainly to be made first, so that we might grant to the Christians and others full authority to observe that religion which each preferred; whence any Divinity whatsoever in the seat of the heavens may be propitious and kindly disposed to us and all who are placed under our rule And thus by this wholesome counsel and most upright provision we thought to arrange that no one whatsoever should be denied the opportunity to give his heart to the observance of the Christian religion, of that religion which he should think best for himself, so that the Supreme Deity, to whose worship w…

Saturn’s Sixth Ellipsoidal Moon Titan Shall One Day Be Moved From Its Proper Orbit And Be Cast To the Earth ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

The Huygens probe parachuted down to the surface of Saturn's haze-shrouded moon Titan exactly five years ago on Jan. 14, 2005, providing data that scientists on NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn are still building upon today.

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth: Apoc. 12:4

And the stars from heaven fell upon the earth, as the fig tree casteth its green figs when it is shaken by a great wind Apoc. 6:13

And the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, so that the third part of them was darkened, and the day did not shine for a third part of it, and the night in like manner. Apoc. 8:12

And immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be moved Mt 24:29

And the stars of heaven shall be falling down, and th…

The Holy Roman Empire Is Back! The Demonically Inspired Prophecy Of Herbert Armstrong & Gerald Flurry

Triumph of Titus and Vespasian

According to St. Thomas Aquinas even the prophets of the demons foretell the truth so therefore even the likes of the demonically inspired Gerald Flurry are bound to foretell the truth (with a mixture of lies) on the coming restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor.

First from St Thomas on the causes of prophecy:

Whether the prophets of the demons ever foretell the truth?

A gloss on Num. 22:14, says that "Balaam was a diviner, for he sometimes foreknew the future by help of the demons and the magic art." Now he foretold many true things, for instance that which is to be found in Num. 24:17: "A star shall rise out of Jacob, and a scepter shall spring up from Israel." Therefore even the prophets of the demons foretell the truth.

I answer that, As the good is in relation to things, so is the true in relation to knowledge. Now in things it is impossible to f…

Fall Of The Giants Martha Coakley & Scott P. Brown On Dante’s ‘Skinny Bitches Well Trained And Obedient’ Corner

The Fall of the Giants from Mount Olympus

Well trained and obedient giant Martha Coakley cast her ballot in the Massachusetts special election

Well trained and obedient Scott Brown casts his ballot in the Massachusetts special election

“A seismic event. Obviously, campaigns matter and candidates matter. But this was a national election the proportions of likes which I have never seen. I'm proud of him. I'm proud of his message. The way he campaigned. But the fact is, this is a shot heard around the country if not around the world for Massachusetts and it's — what we have done is send a message that we're for change but not the kind of change that we have seen in the last year” John McCain

Who’s got it figured out?
Left right, left right got it figured out?
Who’s got it figured out, play straight
Tryin to manipulate....

Dead Weather

Does it really matter who occupies the "Kennedy" seat? Left or Right? Nothing is going to change. How is it that anyone in th…

Is Pope Benedict XVI Promoting Geocentrism?

The following is taken from Pope Benedict’s October 2009 Speech to Members of Symposium on International Year of Astronomy

It is my hope that the wonder and exaltation which are meant to be the fruits of this International Year of Astronomy will lead beyond the contemplation of the marvels of creation to the contemplation of the Creator, and of that Love which is the underlying motive of his creation – the Love which, in the words of Dante Alighieri, “moves the sun and the other stars” (Paradiso XXXIII, 145).

The Love that moves the sun and all the other stars. Love of course is the Blessed Trinity - the creator of the heavens. The consensus today is that the Sun is immovable and the Earth revolves around the immovable Sun, for any one to claim otherwise would certainly be laughed at. Dante held to the correct opinion that the Earth was the center of the Universe and is immovable, according to great minds like Dante, it was the Sun that moved, not the earth. Dante believed that the Sun …

Earth To Have Near-Miss Tonight From Mystery Object Janurary 13, 2009 & All Spacecraft Will One Day Return to Earth ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

All renewal is effected by some kind of cleansing. But the elements will be renewed; hence it is written (Apoc. 21:1): "I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth was gone." Therefore the elements shall be cleansed. Further, a gloss [*St. Augustine, De Civ. Dei xx, 16] on 1 Cor. 7:31, "The fashion of this earth passeth away," says: "The beauty of this world will perish in the burning of worldly flames." Therefore the same conclusion follows.~St. Thomas Aquinas

According to St. Thomas Aquinas’ view of the fire of the final conflagration, all of the works of men will be cleansed by the fire of the final conflagration and this fire of the final conflagration will not exceed the bounds which were cleansed by waters of the deluge (only 15 cubits above the mountain tops). Modern spacecraft is the work of men so it stands to reason that these man made works will be destroyed by the fire of the final conflagration, no exceptions …

Roman Catholic Traditionalism: Fatalism Dressed Up As Faith

Many stubborn traditionalists have embraced the view that the current economic climate is headed for disaster and that these events are inevitable and the world is to soon witness a complete annihilation of the economic system. It is a fatalism dressed up as faith. Pope Benedict addresses this fear of impending economic chastisement in his angelus address for January 3 2009.

"There is no lack of problems, in the Church and in the world, as well as in the everyday life of families. But, thanks to God, our hope does not take account of improbable prognostications, and not even of economic forecasts, important though they may be. Our hope is in God but not in the sense of a generic religiosity, or of a fatalism dressed up as faith. We trust in the God Who in Jesus Christ fully and definitively revealed His will to remain with men and women, to share their history and to guide us all to His Kingdom of love and life. It is this great hope that animates and sometimes corrects our human …

Portugal Approval Of Gay Marriages The Words Of Our Lady "In Portugal The Dogma Of The Faith Will Always Be Preserved Etc" Must Have Another Meaning

In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved with the Angel of Peace: St Michael

Portugal is set to approve Gay Marriages
from The Portugal News Online read here

With the passing of abortion laws and the passing of gay marriage laws in Portugal it must become apparent to most by now that the standard interpretation of the words of Our Lady "In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc" must have some other meaning. The standard interpretation of the words is taken from the Fatima Crusader "knowledgeable Church authorities have confirmed Father Alonso’s conclusions about the Third Secret, that it concerns an unprecedented loss of faith, an apostasy, from which Portugal will be preserved." Well is it not clear by now in 2010 that Portugal is no different than any other modern state governed by modern democracy? Who in their right mind is going to claim that Portugal will be preserved from apostasy? Portugal has created bad laws to gover…

Silvio Berlusconi & How His Time And Money Is Spent On Dante’s ‘Skinny Bitches, Well Trained And Obedient’ Corner

This is how the Italian representative head of modern democracy Silvio Berlusconi spends his down time by buying nude statues and an Obama superman mural. Taking his down time to the south of France to buy a few mementos that best represent his frame of mind.

Article from The on the artist Mr Brainwash (aka Thierry Guetta)who created Obama as Superman. Obama: a new icon for artists

In keeping with Silvio’s pre-occupation of the superman theme see older posts:

Monday, October 12, 2009 Dante’s ‘Skinny Bitches, Well Trained And Obedient’ Corner Introducing Superman Silvio Berlusconi's Remake of R.E.M.’s Superman

Sunday, October 11, 2009 “I’M NOT only not sick, I’m a Superman!” Silvio Berlusconi September 1st 2009

Maybe Sparrow You Didn't Hear My Warning ~ Neko Case

The hawk, which helps men to seize the prey, is a figure of those who assist the strong to prey on the poor. Sparrows (passer) are tiny birds, named from their smallness (parvitas), whence small things are also called pusilli. St Thomas Aqunias & Isidori Hispalensis Episcopi

Maybe sparrow you should wait
The hawks alight till morning
You'll never pass beyond the gate
If you don't hear my warning

Notes are hung so effortless
With the rise and fall of sparrow's breast
It's a drowning dive and back to the chorus

La di da di da di da
La di da di da di da

Oh my sparrow it's too late
Your body limp beneath my feet
Your dusty eyes cold as clay
You didn't hear my warning

Maybe sparrow it's too late
Moonlight glanced off metal wings
In a thunderstorm above the clouds
The engine hums a sparrow's phrase
For those who cannot hear the words
For those who cannot hear the words
For those who will not hear the words

La di da di da di da
La di da di da di da

Maybe sparrow
Maybe sparrow


Felony Inmates Now Have The Right to Vote: Dante’s ‘Skinny Bitches, Well Trained And Obedient’ Corner

Charles Manson with that crazed voter look is one of Dante’s ‘Skinny Bitches, Well Trained And Obedient’

Because of the recent ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit incarcerated felons such as Charles Manson will soon have the right to vote! Hey you fine upstanding citizen of modern Democracy just think your valued vote has the same value as a vote cast by Charles Manson. Happy New Year! Washington State joins Maine and Vermont as states that let current inmates vote while they're serving time. California and Oregon are next. Two Black Muslims are the Plaintiffs-Appellants in the case: Muhammad Shabazz Farrakhan & Al-Kareem Shadeed. Imagine that!

Read the copy of the Opinion of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit here

Happy New Year To The Few Who Understand From The Roman Catholic Imperialist

OOST, Jacob van, the Elder
David Bearing the Head of Goliath

Arise, be enlightened, O Jerusalem: for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. For behold darkness shall cover the earth, and a mist the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall walk in thy light, and kings in the brightness of thy rising. Lift up thy eyes round about, and see: all these are gathered together, they are come to thee: thy sons shall come from afar, and thy daughters shall rise up at thy side. Then shalt thou see, and abound, and thy heart shall wonder and be enlarged, when the multitude of the sea shall be converted to thee, the. strength of the Gentiles shall come to thee. The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Madian and Epha: all they from Saba shall come, bringing gold and frankincense: and shewing forth praise to the Lord. Lesson for the Feast of the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ Isaia…

The Representative Of All That Remains Of The Holy Roman Empire Was Murdered By The Barbarians ~ G.K. Chesterton

LAST year, the representative of all that remains of the Holy Roman Empire was murdered by the barbarians. As an atrocity it has been adequately denounced; and it breeds in some of us rather a dumb sort of disgust, almost as if it had been done not by barbarians but by beasts. Perhaps the only further fact to be noted, on that side, is the fact that this is the only kind of effort in which these clumsy people are not merely clumsy. The Nordic man of the Nazi type in Germany is a very slow thinker, and incredibly backward and behind the times in science and philosophy. That is why, for instance, he clings to the word "Aryan," as if he were his own great-grandfather laboriously poring over the first pages of Max Muller, under the concentrated stare of the astounded ethnologists of later days. He is slow in a great many things; as, for instance, in releasing prisoners who are admittedly innocent; or in answering questions put by foreign critics or Catholic bishops. We ha…

The Year in Berlusconi Gaffes ~ Bobby Pierce Foreign Policy

Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister of Italy, is his known for his love of the ladies, propensity for offensive comments, and occasional run-ins with the law. Here's 2009, a banner year, in Berlusconi blunders.

From Foreign Policy: The Year in Berlusconi Gaffes By Bobby Pierce

From Foreign Policy: In Italy, Farce or Tragedy? By Annie Lowery

Prayer To The Blessed Trinity For The Restoration Of The Divinely Ordained Authority Of The Holy Roman Emperor January 2010

In honor of Dante Alighieri

Have mercy upon us, O God of all, and behold us, and show us the light of thy mercies: And send thy fear upon the nations, that have not sought after thee: that they may know that there is no God beside thee, and that they may show forth thy wonders. Lift up thy hand over the strange nations, that they may see thy power. For as thou hast been sanctified in us in their sight, so thou shalt be magnified among them in our presence, That they may know thee, as we also have known thee, that there is no God beside thee, O Lord.

Renew thy signs, and work new miracles. Glorify thy hand, and thy right arm. Raise up indignation, and pour out wrath. Take away the adversary, and crush the enemy. Hasten the time, and remember the end, that they may declare thy wonderful works.

Let him that escapeth be consumed by the rage of the fire: and let them perish that oppress thy people. Crush the head of the princes of the enemies that say: There is no other beside us. Gather toge…