Roman Catholic Traditionalism: Fatalism Dressed Up As Faith

Many stubborn traditionalists have embraced the view that the current economic climate is headed for disaster and that these events are inevitable and the world is to soon witness a complete annihilation of the economic system. It is a fatalism dressed up as faith. Pope Benedict addresses this fear of impending economic chastisement in his angelus address for January 3 2009.

"There is no lack of problems, in the Church and in the world, as well as in the everyday life of families. But, thanks to God, our hope does not take account of improbable prognostications, and not even of economic forecasts, important though they may be. Our hope is in God but not in the sense of a generic religiosity, or of a fatalism dressed up as faith. We trust in the God Who in Jesus Christ fully and definitively revealed His will to remain with men and women, to share their history and to guide us all to His Kingdom of love and life. It is this great hope that animates and sometimes corrects our human hopes".

The hope of many traditionalists is placed in improbable prognostications, and economic forecasts of impending doom. Many traditionalists will not listen to Pope Benedict and will continue to embrace this economic fatalism dressed up as faith. When did this fascination with forecasts of impending economic doom become part of the traditional Roman Catholic faith? I can understand the reasons for a man to cling to the Traditional Latin Mass & Sacraments and for one to fight for the preservation of Liturgical Tradition. But to include and place these forecasts of impending economic doom in the deposit of traditional Roman Faith is a little off. Where do these men who call themselves Traditionalists get the idea that firm and unwavering faith in the impending economic chastisement is part and parcel of the traditional Catholic man? How long before these men wake up and realize that placing their hope in economic doom in order to bring about restoration of all things in Christ is wrong headed? Another year? Maybe two more years? This mentality has a stranglehold on a majority of traditionalists and it is a sickness that needs to be cured. Pope Benedict has started the cure by bringing to the attention of these sick men that they should not place their hope in improbable prognostications, and not even of economic forecasts but our hope is in God. Many traditionalists are blinded and just will not admit it because they attend a Latin mass somewhere and are not like other men who attend the new Mass and these will say to themselves ‘O God, I give thee thanks that I am not as the rest of men, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, as also is this publican….but I do embrace the view of economic fatalism of a Jew Peter Schiff or protestant Lew Rockwell & Ron Paul.


  1. What are you thoughts on usury and the role of the Holy Roman Emperor? It seems like the Church's stance on this in past times has helped to keep the "Tower of Babel" from occurring.

    From what I can tell, a small band of people have enslaved a few billion by its use. We are seeing some of the effects of this today with the contraction of the monetary supply. But this debt is a myth, a house of cards and sure to collapse as did Babel with Jacob Egibi, the Iranu family and their invention of private banking.

    It is fascinating to see the tail of the serpent throughout history. I.e. Our Lord Jesus Christ throwing out the money changers from the temple and being crucified four days later. He came into the world a that specific time in history when taxation and usury we rampant. It is also fascinating that he came in under the rule of the Romans when it was a Republic and not so much an Empire, which later fell.

    Notably, after Rome when Christianity grew, usury was banned by the Church and Kings such as James and Alfred the Great made bold laws prohibiting it. Until humanism, along with international banking, re-sprouted its head in the Renaissance period. When we've deviated from the Old Testament edict, collapse and enslavement is assured. Seems like present times.

    I believe usury is circle 7 in Inferno. Satan likes to hold it close to himself.

    Also I am interested in your views on the Lateran Treaty. How does this connect to the Italian nationalists that you have mentioned with the Fatima Pope? From what I read, it was brought about by the Piedmont forces. Was this a nationalist group? Is this the usurpation of the papacy and do you see a connection between this and any of Dante's prophecies?

    - Steve


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