Why Does Stephen Heiner A Strict Traditionalist Belong To The Rotary Club Of Overland Park?

The recent January 25th thread on the Angelqueen form THE ROTARY CLUB - A MASONIC ORGANIZATION tells us that the strict Roman Catholic Traditionalist Mr. Stephen Heiner belongs to the Overland Park Rotary Club. (Also see Bishop Williamson’s Publisher, Stephen Heiner, And The Rotary Conspiracy Theory).

Why would a Traditional Roman Catholic belong to the Overland Park Rotary Club? 

Well, for professional reasons of course. According to the owner of Angelqueen web site - Servitium - tells us that: I just heard from Stephen, who tells me he had no clue of any of this regarding the Rotary. I know that he's a small businessman and likely joined for the same reason others do - networking and public engagement. Stephen Heiner has had plenty of time to respond to the charge that he belongs to the Overland Park Rotary Club, but has failed to do so. His first post on this thread was Tuesday, Januuary 26th. It is now January 28th, and there has been no denial from Mr. Heiner that he belongs to the Overland Park Rotary Club so one can only assume that Mr. Stephen Heiner belongs to the Overland Park Rotary Club. Hey but so what? Well if Mr. Stephen Heiner is going to ponitificate to the rest of us laity on what the proper traditionalist world view should be, then he should set the example in his personal life first. 

Mr. Stephen Heiner likes to promote The Four Marks site on his truerestoration.blogspot.com So lets take a look at the standards that the folks at The Four Marks like everyone else to follow:

About The Four Marks

It is unity in the truth, throughout history and in all places that may best mark our path to the protective arms of Holy Mother Church. Though we may feel abandoned, we are not alone. May we be united through this paper in our love and defense of the pure doctrines of Our Lord! And though our path treads the edge of a precipice, shall we fall while we still cling to Tradition?

Who is cut from the Church, those loyal to Christ’s doctrines, or those who rewrote them? Who is wrong, one who attends the Mass of his ancestors, or one who attends a new mass unknown to his grandfathers? No, the grieving remnant did not leave the Faith. The only way to rectify the problem is for all to accept the laws, doctrines, and rites as practiced by the Church before Vatican II broke with Tradition.

Wow! Pretty strong stuff! 

Hey Mr. Stephen Heiner who is wrong? 

One who belongs to the Rotary that his grandfathers refused to belong to? Or his grandfathers? Is the Rotary any different today than it was back in the day. If it was wrong to belong to it then, then it is wrong to belong to it today. Who advised you Mr. Stephen Heiner that it was OK to keep your membership in the Rotary?

Now I still can not believe the following words of Servitium: 

"I just heard from Stephen, who tells me he had no clue of any of this regarding the Rotary. This is why I tend to think is was just a prank & Mr. Stephen Heiner really does not belong to the Rotary."

He had no clue! 


Mr. Stephen Heiner who holds a BA in English Literature with minors in Catholic Studies and Business from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, where he is currently working on his Masters in Business Administration does not know anything about the organization he joined? How hard can it be to look something up on the internet about the Rotary? So here Mr. Stephen Heiner is just a simple cut and paste about the Rotary that took a few minutes:

From Overland Park Rotary Club

Requirements of Membership: Attendance at weekly meetings. Members are encouraged to attend as many weekly meetings as possible and are required to maintain at least a 60% attendance record and not to miss four or more consecutive meetings. Members may make up attendance at any other Rotary Club or by participating in various other Rotary activites. OP Rotary meetings are Monday at noon, usually at the Marriott Hotel, but occasionally at the Doubletree or the Ritz Charles when the Marriott is not available. Financial obligations: Members are assessed annual dues of $150, and there is a one-time membership processing fee of $75. Weekly lunches are billed quarterly at $14 per week. Fines of $1.00 are often assessed weekly by the Sergeant at Arms, with the proceeds contributed to the Overland Park Rotary Foundation, which funds various service projects. Projects and activities: Members are encouraged to participate in Club activities and projects, as well as area-wide, District and international activities. Members are encouraged to assume leadership roles by participating on Rotary committees, on the club's Board of Directors, or the Board of Directors of the Overland Park Rotary Foundation.

Who we work with

Rotary's work with the UN and other organizations

Throughout its history, Rotary International has collaborated with the United Nations, governments, and nongovernmental organizations to improve the human condition.

The greatest example of Rotary’s effective collaborations is its flagship program, PolioPlus, which aims to eradicate polio worldwide. Working with spearheading partners UNICEF, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization, Rotary has contributed over US$600 million and countless volunteer hours to help immunize more than two billion children against the crippling and often fatal disease. Learn more .

Cooperative efforts are also a key element of Rotary’s local service. Rotary clubs in Toronto, for example, have worked with Habitat for Humanity to build houses for deserving families in the community. Similar collaborations have helped Rotary’s 1.2 million club members promote goodwill, service, world understanding, and peace in more than 200 countries and geographical areas.

Rotary and the United Nations

Rotary and the United Nations have a long history of working together and sharing similar visions for a more peaceful world.

In 1942, Rotary clubs from 21 nations organized a conference in London to develop a vision for advancing education, science, and culture after World War II. That event was a precursor to UNESCO. In 1945, 49 Rotarians went to San Francisco to help draft the UN Charter. Rotary and the UN have been close partners ever since, a relationship that’s apparent through PolioPlus and work with UN agencies.

Rotary currently holds the highest consultative status offered to a nongovernmental organization by the UN’s Economic and Social Council, which oversees many specialized UN agencies. Rotary maintains and furthers its relationship with a number of UN bodies, programs, commissions, and agencies through its representative network . This network consists of RI representatives to the United Nations and other organizations.

And so on.....

So why is this important to anyone? Who should care if a Roman Catholic Traditionalist belongs to an organization that has Masonic origins? It is important because men like Mr. Stephen Heiner have condemned Pope Benedict’s plea for the creation of a true world political authority as nothing but the creation of the new world order. These type of men have always complained about the new world influence in the Church and have complained about the Churchmen who serve this new world order. Why quote any of them? Just look it up yourself it is not hard to find that this opinion is rampant in the traditionalist movement. Do you know any traditionalists? Ask how many books on Freemasonry he has on his book shelf? So here we have a Roman Catholic Traditionalist who condemns Pope Benedict XVI’s paragraph 67 yet belongs to the very organization that is part and parcel of the new world order! And yet men like this will pontificate to the rest of us on how the laity should bring about the restoration of all things in Christ. Why listen to men like this?


  1. By the way, I have created this page on Facebook, which has automatic updates from Roman Catholic Imperialist: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Roman-Catholic-Imperialist/262699911131?ref=ts

  2. Okay. I find it odd and interesting that people will write stories about someone else when they don't bother to send even one email to that person to ask. I have, over the past few days, discovered, from men whose opinions I trust, and who have provided citations above and beyond some hit and run citations in a thread, that my membership in Rotary, while not excommunicable, is at least questionable. For that reason, I have decided to resign Rotary, effective yesterday. I have been preparing to write a piece explaining this to people.

    Now you can modify your hit piece a bit, though I think the information you provided on Rotary is helpful and valuable. And as a tip: to avoid looking like a total jerk, in the future, contact the person you are attacking, so you can say "I tried to get a hold of him and he didn't respond."

    PS Some of own companies and can't respond within 24-48 hours. Sorry I'm not on the Anderson Cooper time pace.

  3. http://angelqueen.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=345571#345571

    Well, there's the end of that.

  4. Mr. Stephen Heiner said: "I find it odd and interesting that people will write stories about someone else when they don't bother to send even one email to that person to ask."

    Did any of the traditionalists who condemned Pope Benedict XVI paragraph 67 as nothing but new world order hype send an email to the Pope asking for clarification on the meaning of True World Political Authority? Your advice to me: “to avoid looking like a total jerk, in the future, contact the person you are attacking, so you can say ‘I tried to get a hold of him and he didn't respond.’” Was this advice of yours followed by the majority of Traditionalists who attacked Pope Benedict XVI & his paragraph 67? No it was not, instead you and your like minded immediately drew the same conclusion that Pope Benedict was calling for the establishment of a new world political authority. None of you Traditionalists who held this view on paragraph 67 have yet to retract anything. No, Mr. Stephen Heiner I did not contact you by email simply because it never occurred to me to do so. Did it ever occur to you to rethink your membership in the Rotary before news of it hit the internet? No, it did not occur to you to resign your Rotary membership, you had to be reminded by others to do so. Again, thanks for reminding me that I have the option to contact others by email for clarification if need be. It is good to hear that you resigned your membership in the Rotary.

  5. Can you please give me one citation where I have ever spoken about or supported Paragraph 67 of anything?

    As for your rhetorical question - no - since I did not know that Rotary was considered Masonic, why would I rethink it? Did you not read the explanation I posted?

    By the way, I don't think that "contacting Benedict by email" is a fair comparison - he's not exactly available that way. Not a good comparison.

  6. Mr. Stephen Heiner I can not quote you paragragh 67. I have never read anything from you on the subject. But I would like to know your opinion on paragraph and if it differs from the standard traditional view. Yes I did read your post, if it is allowed for you to say it never occurred to you to look into the Rotary then it is allow to me to say it never occured to me to email you. That's all. The matter of paragraph 67 is far more important than your membership in the Rotary. I think the Holy See has email. Some major traditionalist writers have the duty to ask the Pope for clarification on his urgent call for a True World Political Authority instead of attacking the Pope. Agreed?

  7. I am the one who called out Mr. Heiner on his Rotary membership. It's funny, but I never knew the result of my post until now (more than a year later). I was banned from AQ before Mr. Heiner posted his resignation letter, and I thus stopped visiting the site.

    It's also funny how Mr. Heiner and the other "kind" posters, call me out for being "tactless" and "clumsy."

    I'm afraid the clumsiness resides with those who fail to research organizations before they join. Status quo'ers often respond to criticism with RIDICULE in order to blunt the blow to their ego. They thus focus on "protocol" and the "failure to be polite to me" angle. Pretty typical.

    Well, uh, sorry, dude. My initial posting, should you care to re-read it, was essentially about the dangers of White Masonry groups. Yes, your membership in such a group surprised me greatly, and struck me as very naive. But I didn't FOCUS on you. I stuck to my message that Masonry in ALL its forms is extremely dangerous and a MORTAL enemy of the Church. Period. If that truth "hurts" anyone's feeeeeelings, well then, TOO BAD. Gosh, darn.

    The kicker to this whole thing is that Mr. Heiner posts his received e-mail advice; it includes a genuine hum-dinger:

    Heiner's confidant:

    "I've certainly heard of the ipso facto excommunicate status of anyone joining a Freemasonic organisation, and that the Pope alone can restore someone so excommunicate back into the Church. The question is whether Rotary International is a Freemasonic organisation. ***I do not know the answer to this question.*** (emphasis mine)

    Alrighty then. One of Mr. Heiner's confidants by e-mail states, "I do not know the answer to this question (of whether of not Rotary International is a Freemasonic organization).

    Since Freemasonic membership entails excommunication IPSO FACTO for the person naive enough to join, that's a question I'd be pretty interested in finding the answer to, no?

    Do we get that from Mr. Heiner? No, of course not. Instead, we get a hidden demand for an apology; for not warning him "nicely."

    Man, oh, man. Does liberalism and modernism run deep or what? God help us. It's in the bowels of the Traditional Movement, and even in the Sede movement. Incroyable!

    Mr. Heiner, if I were in your shoes, I'd be on the next plane to Rome to chat up HH. Go to confession with BXVI, clean this mess up, and move on.

    Yeah, I'm self-righteous. Yeah, I'm an SOB. Yeah, how dare I... You know what? WHATEVER.



  8. Hello. I'm sorry for posting a comment which is not exactly relevant to your entry. But recently I came to be convinced of the existence of so-called "Ecclesiastical Freemasonry" through observations of art. I am a Roman Catholic lay faithful, too. I did not write these (linked below) articles to hurt our Church. I regard these things as parts of "Smoke of Satan". I would appreciate it if you would be generous enough to receive my little awareness. I'm sorry for my poor and funny English. God bless you.

  9. I am a member a 32nd degree freemason and I also joined a Rotary Club. I can tell you that Rotary International has absolutely nothing to do with freemasonry. All this comes up because a dual member made a pin with the square and compass and the rotarian circle.
    You critize and condemned masons and rotarians to hell's fire but you do not know what good we do. Masons contribute to childrens hospitals, help widows and orphans, while rotary helps to end polio *Only 300 cases reported last year world wide... They help bringing clean water to poor people,etc... Yet they are condemned all because masons want to meet with their doors closed. What ever happened to not to judge so that you are not judged... Ask yourselves this... what good have you done today or are going to do tommorow... Start making donations, helping out the community and the world then, build a good christian group that people will want to join. But whipping people around and sitting at home aint being a good christian...


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