Anjoum Noorani Is A Muslim?

Funcionários da Embaixada em Brasília, Anjoum Noorani e Karine Camargo Neves.
Crédito: Embaixada Britânica / Adriano Souza

From Jihad Watch

It later emerged that the author of the memo is Oxford-educated Anjoum Noorani, 31, whose official title was Head of the Papal Visit Team. According to the Daily Mail, "Mr Noorani is understood to be British Pakistani - but colleagues say he is not a Muslim." The paper didn't specify if Noorani is an ex-Muslim, or (which seems very unlikely) a member of the tiny minority of persecuted Pakistani Christians, whose family was lucky enough to escape. If he is a secularized Muslim, Noorani's case suggests that the "best-case" scenario for Muslim assimilation in Britain is this: Those who give up their aggressive, intolerant faith in Islam will adopt instead the aggressive, intolerant secularism of the British elites--who use "multiculturalism" as a stick with which to beat just one set of institutions: those traditional to the West.

Author of British Government Memo Insulting Pope Not Afraid for His Life
by Michael Williams


  1. Noorani is a mooslim and a stupid one, like the majority of them..

  2. I agree with that, hence I left this horrid cult


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