Image Of Muhammad Built By Muslims On The Straits of Gibraltar Prohibiting Muslims From Passing The Pillars Of Hercules

Upon a stone square was placed a second square, connected to the first by copper pilasters between 60 and 100 cubits in height. The sides of the second, upper square were one-third the size of the first one. Above this a triangular construction that tapered upward. On this rested a block of white marble, upon which stood the brass statue, 6 cubits in height, of Muhammad, with long beard and a gilded mantle over his shoulder. His Left arm was stretched out in the direction of the strait, signifying of the Arab geographers, “No one shall proceed farther,” or “Return to the place which you have come.” Maria Corti On the structure of the monument, see Reinhart Pieter Anne Dozy, Recherchers sur l'historie et la litterature de l'Espagne pendant le moyen age, 3rd. ed. (Leiden: Brill, 1881, 2:300-314; and Rene Basset, “L’aqueduc et la statue de Cadix,” La Tradition 6 (1892) :97.


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