Shane Powers Sets Himself On Fire! How Could You Not Like this Guy!

A little spark is followed by great flame;
Perchance with better voices after me
Shall prayer be made that Cyrrha may respond!
Paradiso I 34-36

See Shane Powers: After the Fire….
I’ve had a week to soak this one up.

I’ll start by saying that I get myself into “situations” because of a narcissistic invincibility tic in my brain.

That bein said, THIS was NOT what I thought was gonna happen.

I was VERY lucky to not be REAL hurt.

That bein said, the entire experience was FASCINATING. I use that word because I wasn’t hurt bad, obviously.

Being on fire sucks. And everything gets narrowed down to one instinctual thought that I had no control over.


I remember one thing. When the shirt was off my body and only around my head, there was a second of complete panic and heat, but no pain. But a firm thought of ”fuck, I’m in trouble”.

And then it was over.

I’ve watched those monks that set themselves on fire and sit there quietly and I just honestly don’t know how.

I do know that their spirituality practice is IMMENSE for them to fight the instinct to get it away, and to quietly die.

Something I would never want to achieve to be honest. That centered.

I’m definitely a “life-experience” junkie. And I do honestly believe that a man’s value is in his experience, and my friends and I have had an interesting laugh and talk about this.

But this was unsmart.

Moving on….


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