Bishop Williamson Eleison Comments & His Vision Of The Impending Economic Collapse That Has Yet To Materialize

Christ on the Cross
c. 1520

The eagle that had left its plumes within
the chariot, which then became a monster
and then a prey, will not forever be
without an heir; for I can plainly see,
and thus I tell it: stars already close
at hand, which can't be blocked or checked, will bring
a time in which, dispatched by God, a Five
Hundred and Ten and Five will slay the whore
together with that giant who sins with her.
And what I tell, as dark as Sphinx and Themis,
may leave you less convinced because-like these-
it tires the intellect with quandaries;
but soon events themselves will be the Naiads
that clarify this obstinate enigma-
but without injury to grain or herds.
Take note; and even as I speak these words,
do you transmit them in your turn to those
who live the life that is a race to death.
Purgatorio xxxiii

The above is Dante's vision of a time when the meaning of his prophetic vision becomes clear to those whom he writes about. The above lines pertain to our time today. Everything has gone to hell because there is no one occupying the seat of authority that is the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. The UN & EU etc have usurped this seat of authority, the chariot has become a monster and then a prey. Dante has promised that this seat of authority will not be without a true heir because stars already close at hand and this event cannot forever be blocked or checked by men because there will be a time in which, dispatched by God, a Five Hundred and Ten and Five will slay the whore together with that giant who sins with her. This time promised by Dante is upon us now in 2010.

And as proof of the truth of this dxv515 interpretation, Dante has given us a sign to look for, and this sign is found within theses lines:
And what I tell, as dark as Sphinx and Themis,
may leave you less convinced because-like these-
it tires the intellect with quandaries;
but soon events themselves will be the Naiads
that clarify this obstinate enigma-
but without injury to grain or herds.
Dante's dxv515 vision should be clear to some in this day and age, I am sure that I am not the only one who sees this, but just in case, to help others recognize the truth of the dxv515 prophecy, Dante tells us that when his enigma of the dxv515 is solved there will be no economic collapse. The dxv515 is upon us and there will be no economic collapse. This is how you will know what to pay attention to, this is the sign looked for and expected to help men see that they should take up the cause to help restore the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor.

Now for the vision contrary to Dante's, we see Bishop Williamson who is expecting a worldwide economic collapse. Bishop Williamson admits that his vision took place in 2008, it is now 2010 and the world economic system did not collapse. Bishop Williamson had two years to get it right and he has failed to do so. Bishop Williamson lives and breathes right now, and he can not see what is in front of him, Dante lived 700 years ago and his vision is right on target. Which vision is from God? Do we witness an economics collapse as many traditionalist lead by Bishop Williamson believe, or do we witness the vision of Dante calling for the restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor without injury to grain or herds? Chose your vision, economic collapse or economic stability. So here is the complete article written by Bishop Williamson, but before the article I would like you to read from someone with the fearful mentality found in so many traditionalists today, it is from a traditionalist that posted his comment on Angelqueen it is clear he has his hopes pinned on the impending economic chastisement, and as you read his post, think to yourself why is this fearful attitude so prevalent in trad circles:

Posted by Simple Man: Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:54 pm

In the coming economic collapse, the thin veneer of civility will break down altogether.

We will see the results of original sin unleashed without restraint.

You sheeple had better get prepared.

By all means, pray your Rosary.

But also take practical steps to protect yours: Ora et labora.

The unprepared (which is most of you) will try to take from the prepared.

The Amish heretics prepare...

The Jehovah Witness heretics prepare....

The Mormon heretics prepare....

But Catholics......still need to wake up.

Forget about contributing to your 401k or IRA: The government will steal that before you can ever draw a penny from it (Presuming there is still a functioning economy 30 years from now).

Take that same money and invest it in hard assets: Raw land; guns; silver bullion; dry bulk food stored in 5 gallon pails and mylar lined bags; water purifiers; bug-out cabins; etc.

If you feel you must play the market, invest in argrcultural commodities, or in companies that produce agricultural commodities.

My guess is that we have about 1-3 years left before sovereign default, hyperinflation, and the destruction of the US Dollar.

When that happens, the world will jump back 120 years, and we will all need to know how to live in it.


On a private visit two weeks ago to the USA, my first since 2008, I was able to enter and leave the country with no personal problems, but on a two-hour tour which a friend gave me of a major American city, devastated by the recent economic downturn, I observed some daunting social problems:--

As we drove towards the city past a handsome housing estate in the country, he said, "You see all these expensive-looking houses ? They are in fact poorly built, cookie-cutter houses, way over-priced, bought with money out of nowhere from the Clinton era (1992-2000), by people living in a dream, from paycheck to paycheck, in a false paradise of high credit, materialism and excessive spending. If they lose their jobs, as many are doing, they will be lucky to get half their money back on their houses. The men have no real skill or trade. Theirs is a world of slick tongue nonsense...

"They are mostly white people who have fled from the inner city suburbs where we are now arriving. Look around you at all the houses boarded up, abandoned, dilapidated, with huge gaps in between where the housing has been destroyed to give the illusion of prosperity. But the lost jobs will not come back, so there is no real basis for a return to prosperity. The neat houses you do see have been repaired or re-built with Government money borrowed by the broke city in accordance with unreal housing projects, because the neat houses will not usually be cared for, but will soon be dilapidated again. There is a kind of Government aid which can do more harm than good to the people it is supposed to help, by trapping them in their dependence on it...

"Now we are coming into the downtown where you see tall handsome buildings, but also few people circulating. The buildings go back to the 1920's when this city was a great industrial centre, but after World War II the USA began to lose its industrial pre-eminence. Around the Reagan years (1980-1988) began, as I see it, a false stimulus by the credit card being made available to the common man. In the 1990's a non-white mayor was elected here who did his serious best to bring business back to the city, and some of these handsome buildings are due to him, but he was voted out by his own people because he was not like one of them...

"The economy is hanging on a thread, yet most people think everything will be fine in a year's time. They think it is lovely if the Government just prints or digitalizes more and more money. Five per cent of the people, or less, understand just how grave the situation is, and less than one per cent see religion as playing any part in their country's downfall. People look only for band-aids, not for deep or real solutions. The whites have allowed themselves to be given a huge guilt complex, and they have caved in without admitting it. There is a huge problem that everybody senses and knows, but they are too afraid to talk about it..."

Yet within 50 miles of this city thrives an SSPX parish and school, unknown or disdained, yet embodying the one true solution: God. Kyrie eleison


  1. Ahhh, Bishop Williamson and Simple Man. Perfect combination -- however -- I am quite sure the good Bishop would not be happy to be lumped together with his former seminarian, Simple Man.

  2. "By the grace of the Almighty, the Great Monarch will annihilate heretics and unbelievers. He will have a great army, and angels will fight at his side. He will be like the sun among the stars. His influence will spread over the whole earth. All in all, there will be on earth twelve Kings, one Emperor, one Pope and a few Princes. They will all lead holy lives."
    St. Francis of Paola

  3. I believe the complex nature of our economic situation is beyond simple statements. The reality is people do not want to pay their bills and as a result are bankrupting their neighbor. It is as if some mad game of musical chairs was being planned and no sense of the common good exist. People that will believe anything for some pragmatic purpose, believe nothing and in that nothingness is the lonely empty void of evil. We are cutting ourselves off from God as we cut out neighbors throat via proxy.

  4. There is no Justice in the world because modern men like it that way. No one has answers to the complex economic questions because there is no one mete out Justice. The Holy Roman Emperor no longer rules over the rest as he was called to do by the Blessed Trinity. This is the purpose of this blog, to help others recognize the need for a true ruler to govern the world according to the Divine Plan. You want a Harvard MBA to answer the complex economic questions of the day and you would be satisified with that? Is that what you want? The whole modern system needs to be confronted by the Roman Catholic Faith and completely shown its place. Many trads hope for world wide nuclear war to destroy the modern system, but that is no Triumph. No, Our Lord does not want us to win that way, without a fight. So you will not see an ecomonic collaspe becuase the enemies of God should be at their full strength when confronted by the Catholic Faith. Catholics follow the bloodied footsteps of Our Lord when confronting our modern enemies. Jesus Christ meet his enemies at their full strenght. He said EGO SUM to his enemies and they all fell backward. We should expect nothing else but to meet our enemies at their full strenght before our enemies fall backward to our EGO SUM.

  5. Beautiifully stated and so very wise, dxv515. I salute you


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