He Who Strikes The Pope Dies! Part II Of The Folly Of PZ Myers

Qui mange du Pape en meurt

Whoever Strikes At The Pope Dies. This Is Truth And History Proves It. Pius XI

Less than a week! PZ Myers is out of the hospital, resting at home attacking the Pope! I thought for sure that I might get some nasty comments from the Godless twits on my previous post of Tuesday, August 24, 2010 He Who Strikes The Pope Dies! No Godless twit made any comment. Apparently any scientist that wish to follow PZ Myers must give up their belief in the Blessed Trinity, reject all moral standards, and immerse themselves in the cesspool of perversion. With scum like this it is difficult engage in any debate without it taking a turn for the worse with very vile comments on their part. So considering the deranged mental state of these Godless twits I can understand why they would not venture onto my bog a second time...too many beautiful paintings of Our Lord, Our Lady, the Angels and Saints, it must make their skin crawl! I was hoping for some nasty comments such as: "Look PZ Myers is out of the hospital, PZ Myers wasn't struck dead as you said, so much for your all powerful God" etc. I wanted some comments along these lines from the Godless twits so I could remind the Godless twits on the height of folly that PZ Myers has reached, and his impending doom, I would then quote Lady Wisdom :
Because I called, and you refused: I stretched out my hand, and there was none that regarded. You have despised all my counsel, and have neglected my reprehensions. I also will laugh in your destruction, and will mock when that shall come to you which you feared. When sudden calamity shall fall on you, and destruction, as a tempest, shall be at hand: when tribulation and distress shall come upon you: Then shall they call upon me, and I will not hear: they shall rise in the morning and shall not find me: Because they have hated instruction and received not the fear of the Lord, Nor consented to my counsel, but despised all my reproof.
But no comment was posted by any of the defenders of the fool PZ Myers. I was waiting for their folly to become more pronounced by their increased attacks on Pope Benedict XVI, but it did not materialize until the leader of the Godless twits himself carried the standard with his new post on his blog attacking the Pope. What a fool you are PZ Myers! Do you really think that you will escape a sudden and unexpected death? Your attacks against the Pope will increase now, you will not be able to stop yourself. You are a fool and deserve nothing but my curses! So I will continue to post the demise of PZ Myers on this blog, BTW PZ Myers will think that he is getting away with murder because nothing will apparently go wrong for him, everything may go his way as he planed, that's were he should be concerned, but he is such a fool to recognize his own downfall that this will make for good blogging to post his downfall here. ha ha ha ha I also will laugh in your destruction

From PZ Myers Blog Pharyngula

Those naughty New Zealanders
Category: Religion
Posted on: August 26, 2010 11:50 PM, by PZ

The ol' innocuous bus ads weren't enough for New Zealand, I guess — an advertising company has fired up a wonderfully rude and outrageous anti-religion campaign, with some rather unsubtle posters that are being plastered all around Auckland.

Very rude. I approve. ~ PZ Myers


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