Another Evil Portent For Silvio Berlusconi: Walls Of Pompeii Come Crumbling Down

Michelle Bonev
one of Silvio's bitches

The second collapse for Pompeii, this time it was a collapse of the wall surrounding the house of the moralist. The statement issued by the Italian Heritage Minister, Sandro Bondi stated the recent collapse is "not of importance or historical, artistic or archaeological value". Yeah O.K... the recent collapse is another evil portent for the Italian Prime Minister, only he is not paying attention. The man appointed to watch over the 2000 year old Roman site is the Italian Heritage Minister, Sandro Bondi, this man is responsible for the condition of Pompeii. The budget for the Heritage Minister's department includes funds for the upkeep of the Roman site. Monies were instead diverted to fund a movie "Goodbye Mama" written and directed by one of Silvio's bitches - the Bulgarian Michelle Bonev

The Guardian:
Pompeii wall collapses to pile woes on Berlusconi ally


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