Berlusconi's Very Own Ass-Kisser Emilio Fede Is Pummeled At Milan Restaurant La Risacca 6

"Fresh sea catch for my master!" ~ Emilio Fede
"I will make you fishers of women" ~
Silvio Berlusconi

Old businessman from Milan who is apparently pissed off at the antics from the likes of Berlusconi and his close friends, takes it out on Fido (Emilio Fede) by beating him about the head and neck. The dog Fido is one of Berlusconi's closest associates and procures young girls for the perverted Italian Prime Minister. This Milan beating took place just days away from the one year anniversary of the Prime Minister's famous Milan beating that took place on the feast of St Lucy December 13th 2009. On that date the Prime Minister was beaten with a replica of the Milan Cathedral. Will Silvio make it to December 13th 2010?

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  1. Why do you post immodest women on this site??? And why do you write about this stuff for?

  2. Because Italy is a mess. And this blog is just the begining to bring about the restoration of all things in christ. I post pictures of immodest women to keep the muslims away.

  3. Very good point. It is extremely important to post graphic pictures of women and men engaged in lewd sexual acts including oral and anal sex, bondage, golden showers, scat and what not to keep the muslims at bay.
    Incidentally, Italy is a mess because the catholic church has been supporting the disgusting Berlusconi since the very beginning.

  4. The Pope does not vote. The people of Italy vote, the people of Italy have been supporting the disgusting Berlusconi since the very beginning with their votes. He was voted into power by the people. Its called democracy. You can thank modern democracy for giving rise to such a disgusting ruler. The Catholic Church has nothing to do with his rise to political power. Pay attention. Drop your bigoted opinions of the One True Faith.

    You have typed more about disgusting perverted practices which I never posted pictures of. Again pay attention! Or go elsewhere. Or better yet pluck your eyes out before visiting my blog so your pretended "purity" isn't soiled by what you claim may be there.

    Your imagination has got the best of you, the Fathers of the Church have always said that the devil has an influence on the imagination. Either way, what you lie about or what you imagine has been influenced by your bad will which is easy pickins for the father of lies.

    Question for you: Is the prophet Muhammad a false prophet & is his religion that he founded- false?

  5. absoutely a false prophet. and the regelion is false.he was illeterate and demented


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