Rot In Hell Berlusconi: Evidence Of Italian Prime Minister Involvment In The International Sex Salve Trade

Allegory of Bad Government (detail) 1338-40.
Fresco, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena

In Italy the age of consent is fourteen. In the United States any politician caught engaging in indecent acts with several fourteen year old girls at one time would be considered a monster, and would probably be shot by a father of one of the minors. But in Italy you see its different, its a backward nation,its a morally corrupt nation. The citizens of Italy don't seem to care who rules the once great Italian nation, they democratically elected a fiend, a scumbag, a man that is completely given over to depravity. Berlusconi claims that he will win the upcoming confidence vote. He knows that the citizens of Italy are just as depraved as he is, how else could he win their confidence.

Read here from the Washington Post describing Berlusconi's taste in minors:
ROME -- A self-described escort said Sunday that Premier Silvio Berlusconi personally invited her to two parties at his villas where young, foreign women were plentiful

Nadia Macri, 28, told Sky TG24 Sunday that she believed many of the women - Brazilians and Russians mostly - were minors, but didn't know for sure since they didn't talk among themselves.
Question for some of you who read the above - the girls who are minors are from Russia & Brazil, did these girls get permission from their parents to travel to Italy to engage in sex acts with the Prime Minister of Italy? The answer is NO. The girls are used in the international sex slave trade business. Do any of you understand the importance of this crime?

Interpol do your damn job! And Silvio may you rot in hell very soon.


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