It Took 280 Years For The Roman Empire To Convert To The Roman Catholic Faith. The United States Of America Is Still Protestant After 223 Years

From the death of Jesus Christ in 33AD to the edict of Milan in 313AD is 280 years. From the ratification of the United States constitution in 1788 to today is 223 years.  This nation is protestant today as it was in 1788.  One can claim that this nation is a Christian nation founded on Judea/Christian principles. O.K. let the majority claim as such. Next question should be are the Judea/Christian principles of this nation at odds with the Roman Catholic Faith? Answer is of course a resounding YES! Either the Roman Catholic Faith is the One True Faith or it is not.  If the Roman Catholic Faith is True, then it stands to reason that all those religions that are opposed to it are false.  So to say that this nation is founded on Judea/Christian principles is to say that this nation is founded on false religious principles. But most will not go this far - it is too uncomfortable to say such things, or even think such things. No, all is well and good in this republic founded on the protestant religion. Modern democracy is protestant in nature and was created by the will of protestant men.

OK OK so what? the Roman Empire was pagan in nature! Yes, but it converted to the One True Faith in 280 years. How long will it take for this protestant nation to convert to the One True Faith?  223 years and counting...


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