Pro-Homosexual GNU Atheists Desecrate Jesus Statue On Easter Sunday.

Statue of Jesus, desecrated on Easter Sunday, repaired on Monday
By Mike Morris and John Spink
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Pink paint has been removed from a desecrated statue of Jesus damaged by vandals on Easter Sunday.

The vandalism of the statue was not as damaging as first feared, and the owner of an Alpharetta company specializing in commercial restoration was able to remove the offending paint from the sculpture outside the St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church on Woodstock Road in Roswell.

John Morley, president of J.J. Morley Enterprises said he came to the church Monday morning because “it was too sad to see it the way it was left.”

“We used graffiti remover and a light solvent final rub with small brushes and cotton tips, and got in there and got all the detail done,” Morley said. He said it took him “a few hours” to remove the paint that had been sprayed on the statue.

“I thought the least I could do was make this headache go away for them,” Morley said. “They were very appreciative.”

Pink paint was sprayed on the face and hands, and the $80,000 statue was tagged elsewhere with offensive symbols. Church officials believe the vandalism probably happened during the early-morning hours on Sunday; it was discovered by members arriving for early Easter services on Sunday. More


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