Norway's Island Of The Dead: Muslim Convert Or EthnoNationalist? Anders Breivik Kills 92?

The Island of the Dead

EthnoNationalist or Muslim convert? Why would a white supremacist kill whites? Why kill your own blood? If your political ideology is so wrapped up in keeping your race pure and country free from enemies to your blood, why attack your own and not go after the impure races? Hitler killed the Jews because they were inferior to the Ayran race. Hilter did not turn on his own and leave the Jews to themselves. So if Anders Breivik was a anti-islamist as the media claims, wouldn't it make sense for Anders Breivik to kill Muslim darkies instead? If Anders Breivik belonged to a political forum called 'Nordisk' that apparently focuses on political terrorism, would it not make sense to politically terrorise Muslim darkies and leave the whites alone? I thought the Nordic race was pure blood in the eyes of the EthnoNationalists? Why attack the pure blood of your fellow Nordics? If it is all in the blood as the EthnoNationalists claim, then why kill those of the same blood? Is it because the Nordic victims held different political views than the EthnoNationalists views of Anders Breivik? Something is not right. 

Anders Breivik was trained and is backed by a group of Muslims terrorists. Anders Breivik probably was converted to Islam by a Muslim woman or boy (Anders Breivik a homo?). If not, and Anders Breivik is actually a EthnoNationalist with no ties to the Muslim community, then it goes to show just how dangerous political factionalism really is.  EthnoNationaism like Islam is cut from the same cloth of political factionalism. Many of these EthnoNationalists love their own and will do anything to protect what they perceive to be their blood ties. Muslim are no different. Many EthnoNationalists look to Hitler as a guide and follow many of his ideas on race. Hitler was a friend of Islam and so are many, if not all of the EthnoNationalists political groups spread across Europe.

For the Western Media to claim that the religion of peace had nothing to do with those events on Utoya island is a mistake. Islam is not vindicated.


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