Wanna Successfully Rob A Bank? Wear A Burka! Society Is Too Politically Correct To Catch On.

"It's fun being in Islamic countries, to know there's only one religion. You wear a burka, there's no choice. People are happy with that." Prince

Who would stop a Muslim woman wearing a Burqa on the street? No one. Not the cops, not the TSA, not the FBI, no American would never interfere with another's right to wear religious garb.  So take advantage of America's political correctness and rob a bank while wearing a Burka. Get your pals to join in, make it a group effort. Should be done in a very large city, simply because that is where the most highly intelligent and astute Americans reside and they would never think twice about a group of Burka wearing Muslim bitches walking down the city streets towards the bank. The small town folk however still have enough common sense to question a gaggle of Burka wearing Muslim bitches walking down the main street towards the town bank. So it is best to target the big city banks.

As for the bank employees, most will acquiesce for any demands for money especially when the demand comes from a Burka wearing bitch.

Now this blog does not condone bank robbing, but one has to wonder why the criminals have not tried this Burka wearing bank robbing strategy yet?

As a Roman Catholic I should take offense with Mr.Ben Afflack's latest movie the Town who chose to use the nuns habit as a cover for robbery:

But why take offense? Its just a nun's outfit, the homos and lesbos parade around in nuns garb all the time. Right? So I guess the criminals here in America are too politically correct as well. The criminals have no problem wearing a nun's habit to rob a bank, but to wear a Burka to rob a bank would give great offense to society. I bet too that the judge would not take it lightly when giving out the sentence to a bank robber who chose to wear a Burka, I bet if anything the jail sentence would be stiffer for wearing a Burka while robbing a bank.


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