Muslim Convert Jose Pimentel (Muhammad Yusuf) Wants To Kill For Allah! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

Muslim Convert Jose Pimentel

How dangerous is the Quran? Turns a Roman Catholic into a killer! If Jose Pimentel had the killer inside of him, how come he didn't remain a Roman Catholic to make bombs to kill maim and destroy? Why make the jump into darkness of Islam? Maybe, just maybe, a practicing Roman Catholic has to go to Mass regularly, has to make sure that he says his daily prayers, makes a daily examination of conscience and goes to confession frequently, and maybe, just maybe with these many spiritual activities it makes it kinda of hard for one to carry out bomb making activities to maim and kill others. Yeah, maybe, just maybe. But you say a Muslim prays five times a day! Well yes they do and then the Muslims go out and kill. I guess its all about a proper and good disposition of ones soul isn't it? Ones prayer make one want to kill others and anothers prayer makes one want to love their neighbor and love God.  One religion is from hell and one religion is from the Blessed Trinity.

"Blessed me fadder for I want to make a bomb to maim and kill others.... " it'll never will happen.

But give a weak man the Quran, and you can turn him into a bomb throwing maniac set on killing others within a matter of months.

Islam is not a religion of peace it is from hell.

Made by the hands of a Muslim
Not made by the hands of a devout Roman Catholic


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