Daniel Craig: "Politicans Are Shitheads Who Stab You In The Fucking Back.”

Do You Know The Enemy?

007 Daniel Craig gets it half right. The complete truth is that Modern Democracy does not work. Granted Daniel does not have the balls to say Modern Democracy does not work - he just blames the vile men that occupy the political offices that are created by Modern Democracy - this is the easy part. The back lash would be too great to handle if 007 Daniel Craig blamed Modern Democracy as well.

Scum does rise to the top and this truth is best exemplified in the political arena. But not only are the bad men who hold political office to blame but the bad laws created by these bad men are to blame as well for the current mess the world finds itself in.

Modern man-made Democracy gave the world this current mess. This is a simple truth. Aristotle condemned Democracy as one of the three worst forms of governance to govern man. It does not govern men well. According to Aristotle Democracy gives rise to Tyranny - this should be apparent to all now in 2011 - Hitler rose to power by the instrument of the ballot box - Stalin as well. You in la la land who have a bizarre infatuation for Modern Democracy deny that Stalin and Hitler are products of the man-made Modern Democracy experiment. You blind yourself to this reality so that you can ease your conscience and continue to vote in election after election thinking somehow that Hitler and Stalin are not part and parcel of Modern Democracy. See? America can never have a Hitler or Stalin for US President because Russia and Germany don't have real Modern Democracy. But America has real Democracy! This is what you believe and this is how you lie to yourself and others.

Look- Modern man-made Democracy is a failure. It does not work. Casting ballot after ballot is not going to save you or America. Modern man-made Democracy is (to borrow the language of Hollywood) nothing but bullshit.

Many of you Roman Catholics think that by voting for some lilly white protestant candidate will eventually somehow bring about the restoration of all things in Christ. You have to be completely blind  to the evils of Modern Democracy to believe such a thing.  I don't know if Daniel Craig is a Roman Catholic but he at least knows that the modern day politician is not going to help - one thing I do know is that many Traditional Roman Catholics will take scandal at the words used by Dainel Craig but at the same time have no problem with voting for Ron Paul or some other nut job. Really? The Traditionalists who vote for enemies of the faith have a few things to think about. Shit shit shit fuck fuck fuck - Kings Speech.


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