Evil Portent For January 2012: Blue Balls Fall From Space

Blue Balls From Space

Silicone-like balls fell from the sky during a hail storm, landed in a garden in England. The homeowner Steve Hornsby gave this discription:

'I rushed to stand by the wall out of the way and it was all over very quickly. I had seen the hail come down and it looked like rock salt. Then I spotted something on the lawn and it looked like broken glass - I thought it must be the kids. But then I put my foot on it and it disappeared... I thought it was strange. Then I looked around and there were lots of others. They were definitely not there before the storm. They are circular and must have broken on impact. They were almost impossible to pick up, they were very jelly-like. I had to get a spoon and flick them into a jam jar. They had an exterior shell with a soft inside.'

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