Peace, Love & Astronauts - Paris & Nicky Hilton: Evil Portents In Store For The Space Industry

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Peace & Love to all you potential Astronauts! This blog will effectively help to shut down the Space Industry for the foreseeable future. Many problems are in store for the Space Industry. Problems for the government sector are already present and the private sector is not exempt from problems of shooting shit into space. There is a set boundary that man must not pass over and that set boundary is space. Many of you of course deny any such boundary exists for man's potential, men can achieve anything so the saying goes - if there is a will there is a way.

But please ask yourself - why are all men who are involved in the Space Industry (private & government) Godless. What drives these men to ignore the Blessed Trinity?

When was the last time one of these great scientific minds made an impact on the rest of society with his great wisdom on things of God?

How come modern day science is at odds with the Blessed Trinity? Maybe it has to do with serving two masters and whatnot.

Any modern day competitors out there ready to take on St Thomas Aquinas? No?

Well all the shit shot into space is coming back. Guaranteed. All of it. Says who? St. Thomas said it way back before there was a NASA. Many of you may say that St. Thomas Aquinas could not have known about rockets, satellites and such. O.K. fine. But St Thomas knew about God - more about God than most do today. Another point many of you use the writings of St Robert Bellarmine to defend Modern Democracy  of the United States. Bullshit to that I say, only because, St. Robert Bellarmine never knew about the U.S.of A. and yet you still pretend that St Robert Bellarmine loves American Democracy.

So please by all means read what St. Thomas wrote on the doctrine of the fire of the final conflagration and then tell me that the modern day space works are exempt from burning up in the fire of the final conflagration - yeah the Blessed Trinity did not see that modern man would one day shoot stuff into space therefore escaping the fire of the final conflagration. Hmmm....yeah man beat God in this one thing.....hmmmm..... yeah go ahead and believe that man pulled a fast one on God. 

Well read about the doctrine fire of the final conflagration and ask if modern day space shit shot into space escape the fire of the final conflagration.

Here is the doctrine of the fire of the final conflagration by St. Thomas Aquinas:

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the fire of the final conflagration will destroy all the works of men. Every single work by the hand of man will be cleansed by the fire of the final conflagration - St. Thomas Aquinas tells us: "that since the world was, in a way, made for man's sake, it follows that, when man shall be glorified in the body, the other bodies of the world shall also be changed to a better state, so that it is rendered a more fitting place for him and more pleasant to look upon. Now in order that man obtain the glory of the body, it behooves first of all those things to be removed which are opposed to glory. There are two, namely the corruption and stain of sin---because according to 1 Cor. 15:50, "neither shall corruption possess incorruption," and all the unclean shall be without the city of glory (Apoc. 22:15)---and again, the elements require to be cleansed from the contrary dispositions, ere they be brought to the newness of glory, proportionately to what we have said with regard to man. Now although, properly speaking, a corporeal thing cannot be the subject of the stain of sin, nevertheless, on account of sin corporeal things contract a certain unfittingness for being appointed to spiritual purposes; and for this reason we find that places where crimes have been committed are reckoned unfit for the performance of sacred actions therein, unless they be cleansed beforehand. Accordingly that part of the world which is given to our use contracts from men's sins a certain unfitness for being glorified, wherefore in this respect it needs to be cleansed. In like manner with regard to the intervening space, on account of the contact of the elements, there are many corruptions, generations and alterations of the elements, which diminish their purity: wherefore the elements need to be cleansed from these also, so that they be fit to receive the newness of glory."

St. Thomas Aquinas tells us that fire will be the cleansing instrument: "As stated above (A[1]) this cleansing of the world will remove from it the stain contracted from sin, and the impurity resulting from mixture, and will be a disposition to the perfection of glory; and consequently in this threefold respect it will be most fitting for it to be effected by fire. First, because since fire is the most noble of the elements, its natural properties are more like the properties of glory, and this is especially clear in regard to light. Secondly, because fire, on account of the efficacy of its active virtue, is not as susceptible as the other elements to the admixture of a foreign matter. Thirdly, because the sphere of fire is far removed from our abode; nor are we so familiar with the use of fire as with that of earth, water, and air, so that it is not so liable to depreciation. Moreover, it is most efficacious in cleansing and in separating by a process of rarefaction."

St. Thomas Aquinas tells us that this fire will not exceed the bounds which were cleansed by waters of the deluge: "I answer that, Some [*St. Bonaventure, Sentent. iv, D, 47, A[2], Q[3]] say that the fire in question will rise to the summit of the space containing the four elements: so that the elements would be entirely cleansed both from the stain of sin by which also the higher parts of the elements were infected (as instanced by the smoke of idolatry which stained the higher regions), and again from corruption, since the elements are corruptible in all their parts. But this opinion is opposed to the authority of Scripture, because it is written (2 Pet. 3:7) that those heavens are "kept in store unto fire," which were cleansed by water; and Augustine says (De Civ. Dei xx, 18) that "the same world which perished in the deluge is reserved unto fire." Now it is clear that the waters of the deluge did not rise to the summit of the space occupied by the elements, but only 15 cubits above the mountain tops; and moreover it is known that vapors or any smoke whatever rising from the earth cannot pierce the entire sphere of fire so as to reach its summit; and so the stain of sin did not reach the aforesaid space. Nor can the elements be cleansed from corruptibility by the removal of something that might be consumed by fire: whereas it will be possible for the impurities of the elements arising from their mingling together to be consumed by fire. And these impurities are chiefly round about the earth as far as the middle of the air: wherefore the fire of the final conflagration will cleanse up to that point, since the waters of the deluge rose to a height which can be approximately calculated from the height of the mountains which they surpassed in a fixed measure."

Now it stands to reason that if what St. Thomas Aquinas states is true:

1. that fire of the final conflagration will not exceed the bounds which were cleansed by waters of the deluge (only 15 cubits above the mountain tops)

2. and all of the sinful works of men are to be destroyed in this final conflagration.

Then all of the works of men will one day occupy or reach a height no greater than the 15 cubits above the mountain tops, which was boundary of the waters of the deluge.

What follows then is that all modern man-made works that had left the orbit of the earth such as NASA's Mars Rover Spirit and all other spacecrafts will return to the place in which they were created, which will be below the boundary set by the waters of the deluge and that is 15 cubits above the mountain tops. Again the Mars Rover Spirit along with all man-made space objects will one day return to the earth.

Anything that Man shoots into space is coming back


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