Anders Behring Breivik Is Gay & He Has Many Male Muslim Lovers

ABB Fantasy
Metrosexual David Beckham

ABB is a flaming homo, so say some of his friends, not that any of Breivik's friends had first hand accounts of ABB's proclivities, which of course means, that ABB never seduced any of his white Norwegian male friends. No, ABB main target for seduction where his Muslim male friends. ABB left his white friends alone. It is allot easier for ABB to engage in naughty behavior with his Muslim acquaintances and keep things quite, so as not to disturb his 'home' life.

How many homo encounters did ABB engage in? Probably very many. So much so, that ABB snapped and killed 77 white Christians.

The desert fathers have ordered the seven deadly sins as follows:
(1) Gluttony;
(2) Fornication;
(3) Covetousness which means Avarice or the love of money;
(4) Anger;
(5) Dejection;
(6) Accidie, which is heaviness or weariness of heart or sloth of mind (or wandering of mind);
(7) Xenodoxia (literally worship of something not worshiped) which means foolish or Vain-glory; 
(8) Pride.

The sin of anger closely follows on the heals of lust. Anger always follows lust (many of you know this by experience). ABB engaged in the sin of homosexuality with his male Muslim lovers and he could not stop. This lead ABB to commit even greater sins of anger by killing 77 white Christians.

It was said by one of ABB's closest friends that 'He used make-up powder, those kinds of things, and he explained that as being metrosexual' ABB liked to prettied himself up by wearing makeup most of the time.

When captured by the police ABB delighted in the strip search. Before being stripped down to his underwear ABB is said to have 'refused to let himself be photographed, but changed behaviour when he was stripped to his underwear, it almost seemed like he wanted to pose, doing poses like a bodybuilder.'

ABB is a fag.

ABB trial details:

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