Gnu Atheist Lori Christensen Is The Neighbor From Hell

Gnu Atheist Lori Christensen
Neighbor From Hell 

It has been said many times that Atheists are very nasty people - very nasty. If any of you have encountered a Gnu Atheist on line, you know that what I write is true.

Only an Atheist would act this way. Ms. Lori Christensen moved to White Bear Lake, Minnesota three years ago and immediately started to terrorize the neighborhood with yelling and ranting at the neighbors using obscene language, parading around half naked in front of the neighbors, masturbating in the street and on her lawn in full view of the neighborhood children.

Why would an Gnu Atheist act this way? I don't know, other than that it is a given, that this type of bizarre and perverted behavior is considered appropriate and normal by all Gnu Atheists.

Gnu Atheist PZ Myers, no doubt would love to have neighbors such as Ms. Christensen. As a matter of fact, PZ Myers makes it a point to tell his demented followers to act this way in public when the occasion arises.

It surprises me that PZ has not been arrested yet for lewd behavior.  Well after five years of tormenting her neighbors this Gnu Atheist was finally arrested and sent to jail for 90 days late last year, but when she was released she was back to her own perverted and wicked ways tormenting her neighbors again. She is due to appear before the judge again soon. Maybe PZ Myers can raise money for her defense fund.

The Face Of Your Typical Gnu Atheist Neighbor

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