Roman Imperial Elector Watch: Cardinal-Archbishop Of Cologne, Joachim Meisner, On The SSPX Regularization

Cardinal-archbishop of Cologne, Joachim Meisner

Cardinal-archbishop of Cologne, Joachim Meisner is one of seven prince electors of the Holy Roman Empire (there are three sacradotal electors and four royal electors). His Imperial office still stands, but of course the office is not put into use by modern man. Modern democracy rules the day and has no need of the office of the Imperial Electors. Some day when good men demand the restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor then the Imperial Electors will gather together for a vote to elect the King of the Romans. According to the Golden Bull of Charles IV one of the duties and dignity of the Elector of Cologne is to first place the royal diadem on the king of the Romans. The Imperial Elector that sets the Election in motion is the archbishop of Mainz who calls the other six electors together for a vote.

Will the current archbishop of Cologne participate in the coming Imperial Election?  If Europe falls into economic and political chaos soon, then yes, there just may be a call for the Election of the King of Romans. Time will tell. I know most of you Roman Catholics probably roll you eyes at the mention of restoration of the Holy Roman Emperor. Too bad. I know for a fact that none of you have a better solution to restore all things in Christ. Do you?

Well the latest news from the prince elector is his comments on the SSPX regularization published in the Tablet

SSPX return will take time: Meisner
19 June 2012

The Cardinal-archbishop of Cologne, Joachim Meisner, said that he could imagine a good working relationship developing between the Church and the Society of St Pius X (SSPX), although there was "still a long way to go".

Last week the Vatican offered the Society, which has rejected the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, the opportunity to exist as a personal prelature once it had sufficiently accepted church teaching.

Cardinal Meisner said the talks were not complete. Likening the situation to the reunification of East and West Germany in 1989 he said: "Trust and intimacy grow slowly - and the wounds of a long debate will take time to heal."

But he added: "If we succeed in everything, I can conceive of a good working relationship - as with Religious."


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