Charles A. Coulombe Has Put His Trust In Princes

Adam (detail)

Put not your trust in princes...It is good to trust in the Lord, rather than to trust in princes.Ps.cxlv.cxvii.
Everyone in the world is related to everyone else in the world - no exceptions. Adam is the Father of all. Many deny this of course, especially those with an political agenda. Simple fact - everyone is descended from Adam. Why is this important? Well, men like Charles A. Coulombe place a special importance on royal blood lines. Apparently according to the Coulombe types, royal blood carries special properties that enable the royals to effectively rule over the rest. Royal blood is privileged and your blood is not, and this gives royals the authority rule over you. Royals have pure blood and you have dirty blood. This is hogwash of course, virtue is a property of the soul, virtue is not found in blood. Coulombe types completely deny this and worship the royal bloodlines.  One descended from royalty is no better a ruler because of his bloodline. The only effective ruler is one who is virtuous, one who effectively controls his passions. This is no small feat, the practice of virtue nowadays takes tremendous fortitude. Whereas a royal just sits around on his ass indulging in his passions waiting for lackeys like Coulombe to come around and lick the royal boots.

Kings will not save the world. The modern royals of this world have not proven themselves, name one royal known worldwide for his virtue? There isn't one and there will never be one. Men who worship royal blood lines are political factionalists and are no better than the ethno-nationalists right wing fascists. Both groups worship a man - one worships the blood, the other worships the flesh, this leads to the worship of man.This is a dangerous political philosophy, for one to wish for a return of royal blood lines to fix the mess the world is in. Royal blood is not going to save anyone, not even the royals themselves.

In the recent article by Coulombe he has posted a picture of four royals: Simeon of Bulgaria, Alexander of Serbia, Michael of Romania, Constantine of Greece

I'm guessing ('cause I really don't want to look it up) that the royal from Serbia is not Roman Catholic and the royal from Greece is not Roman Catholic either. That leaves the other two as possible Roman Catholics. Now this is where Coulombe's view is nuts, how can you possibly throw your political support behind a enemy to the one true faith? Insane, coming from Coulombe who is a strong proponent of no salvation outside the Church. If there is no salvation outside the Church why side with those outside the Church?? Oh yeah its in the blood according to Coulombe. The blood is all that matters to Coulombe, and this is the problem with those who call themselves monarchists. You monarchists are a dangerous lot for thinking that an enemy to the faith is going to save a nation when the sorry bastard can not even save himself. You would think a smart man like Coulombe would get it, but he doesn't. Therefore Coulombe is hindering the restoration of all things in Christ by wasting his time with royal blood lines. 

The only solution is a simple solution and that is to call for an Imperial Election to elect the next king of Romans. This election does not depend on royal blood lines, this election depends on the will of God. It is the Blessed Trinity who elects the King of Romans, not some blood line. As Dante Alighieri has said the Imperial Electors are the proclaimers of Divine Providence, the man they chose as the Roman King is the man chosen by God.

Read Coulombe's article here


  1. Son of David is the criteria.......

  2. I don't think Coulombe "puts his faith" in monarchy any more than other Catholics put their faith in the ballot box. Coulombe does not simplistically argue that switching to monarchy makes your country's problems go away. He simply argues it is a more natural form of government -- one that is more in touch with the people than the faceless bureaucracies (with their weird agendas) under which we live.


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