Distributist Disguised As Elmo Rants Against The Jews!

Distributist Elmo
Central Park June 24, 2012

A Distributist dressed as Elmo ranted and raved against the Jews in Central Park this Sunday until the police were notified that a deranged Elmo was spewing hateful speech against the money grubbing Jews of New York City. The cops took the Distibutist to the mental hospital.

The anti-Semitic Elmo yelled at men, women and children: “If you start your own business in this city, Jews will harass you!” The Elmo impersonator claimed that he could not make money because of the Jewish run costume companies that rent the Elmo costumes, the Jews just laugh at him...etc..

This ant-Semitic Elmo has everything in common with most Distributists who all to a man hate the Jew. Ask a Distributist if he owns a copy of The International Jew by Henry Ford? The answer is most assuredly YES!
A few anti-Semitic rants suggested for Occupy Wall Street by the anti-Semitic and pro-Distributist Maurice Pinay Blog
  • Usury is warfare
  • Debt is slavery
  • Moneychangers and Pharisees out of our government, churches and schools
  • Overthrow the tables of the moneychangers
  • Fractional Reserve Banking = Starvation; Ruin of Nations
  • Overthrow the Talmudic Prozbul and reinstitute the Biblical seventh year release of debts
  • Fantasy-economy players are killing the real economy
  • We won't die so investment banks and hedge funds can live
  • We won't starve for bankers; let them eat their losses and ex nihilo-created debt
  • We won't go hungry to feed weapons to the Judeo-Supremacist State
  • The 1% are 100% pro-Zionism
  • Banker-serving politicians and civil servants are guilty of treason
  • "Israel"-first politicians and civil servants are guilty of treason
  • Confiscate the "Federal" "Reserve" and the tens of trillions they handed out to private banks and corporations
  • Cancel all ex nihilo-created debt
  • We don't owe ex nihilo debt-creators anything
  • Bankers destroy by debt creation
  • Debt creation destroys God's creation
  • Greed is not good
  • Psychopathological greed should be defended against, not admired, protected or rewarded
  • Hey Mike Bloomberg, our focus is on the predators you enable and profit from, not their 40k/year lackeys
  • Bloomberg is protecting his multi-billion/year speculator services racket, not the common good
  • Wall Street CEOs are cruel taskmasters
  • Jail investment bank CEOs and confiscate their ill-gotten gains

All the same, more or less.


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