Texas Ranger Announcer Dave Barnett Hearing Voices Causes His On-Air Ramblings: Voices Will Be Heard In The Air; Men Will Beat Their Heads Against The Walls

Texas Ranger announcer Dave Barnett
Rambling on air 2012

Serene Branson Grammy Awards
Rambling on air 2011

 Annie Stensrud, KEYC-TV in Mankato, Minnesota
Rambling on air 2011

Our Lady of La Salette in 1846 warned the world that one day men will lose it. She said that voices will be heard in the air; men will beat their heads against the walls; they will call on death, yet death will constitute their torment; blood will flow on all sides. Who could overcome, if God doesn't shorten the time of trial?  This is the third time that I have posted bizarre on air ramblings within a year or so. More to follow I am sure. Many Roman Catholic Traditionalists deny that Our Lady spoke those words at La Salette France, and many dishonest trads claim that the seer Mélanie made the whole thing up and was mentally ill and whatnot. Why do some trads hate Mélanie? Mainly do to the fact that these 'holy' trads recognize themselves in the words of Our Lady.  As many of you should. The words of Our Lady La Salette will be made manifest again and again in coming events. I should apologize to many of you for mocking your lack of insight, but I know that many of you would rather hinder the restoration of all things in Christ simply because you love your life (regardless of what you type away on the Internet).  The words of Our Lady at La Salette make you feel uncomfortable, as they should. So I will call the recent ramblings by the sportscaster a taste of things to come.

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