Happy Ramadan! Muslim Immigrants Riot In India's Northwestern Assam Region Killing 40

Muslims burn down dwellings at Kachugaon village 
Kokrajhar district in northeastern Assam

All Muslim men are obligated to participate in Friday Prayers.

"I wanted to ask a man to lead people in the prayer so that I may go and burn houses of men who did not attend the Friday Prayer with us" False and lying prophet Mohammad

In northeast India after the Friday Muslim call to prayer, the crazed Muslims went out and burned down the dwellings of those who did not attend the Friday Prayers - just like the false and lying prophet Muhammad told them to do.

Kokrajhar, Assam

To avoid the crazed Muslim rioters, many have abandoned their homes giving leave to the Muslims to burn down all the houses.

Tens of Thousands Fleeing the mad Muslims

Estimates as high as 200,000 villagers have fled the rioting Muslim mob. Curfew had been imposed and the police have been given shoot to kill orders.

'25 people have so far been killed in Kokrajhar district while 15 others have lost their lives in neighbouring Chirang district,' Assam IGP (law and order) L.R. Bishnoi

'See how I rend myself, see how mangled is Mohammed!'
Inferno xxviii


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