James Holmes Is One Wild Eyed Muslim Fanatic: Bizarre Pictures Of His First Court Appearance

James Holmes Muslim Convert
Mug Shot

Trial begins in 1 year. Until then no one will know what set this man off killing 12 and wounding 58.

At the start some claim Holmes was a Tea Partier and were proven wrong almost immediately.

When it was determined that Holmes was not right wing some on the right pointed to left and claimed that Holmes was one of their own.

Some claim Holmes was a member of the OWS - the Occupy San Diego or Black Bloc - even using 'facial recognition software' to match a bearded fat fellow with that of Holmes at an Occupy event on the Brooklyn Bridge in October 2011. Even claiming a 96% facial recognition match. This too has proven to be wrong.

For the craziest explanation yet, it reads right out of the 911 truther conspiracy manual - which claims that the FBI staged the horrible event to push lawmakers into passing stricter gun control laws. This line of thought even says that FBI has a track record of staging similar assaults. Really? O.K. & the federal government staged the whole 911. This line of thinking is truly sick. This line of thinking also gives the Muslims an out.

For the best explanation yet - the shooter of Aurora, Colorado was influenced by someone or something. Holmes was looking for love and he just may have found it in the arms of a Muslim woman or Muslim man. This is how Holmes was recruited to the dark side of Islam, by some Muslim bitch who taught the killer the finer points of Jihad. The other above explanations just don't add up.

Most will say that Holmes acted alone and was just plain crazy.


What The Hell Did I Do?
That Muslim Bitch Talked Me Into It

That Muslim Bitch Used Me

Sleepy Time
Meds Take Effect

Shit! Oh Yeah Its Real

'See how I rend myself, 'see how mangled is Mohammed!
Inferno xxviii


  1. So sad... Holmes is not a muslim.
    I'm dreaming if James Joker Holmes is a muslim.
    I hope so.
    I'm so happy when muslim kill people. I'm so happy if muslim blast bomb in their body.
    I'm dreaming it happened everyday.
    I'm dreaming it...
    Jesus... I want all muslim kill people everyday.
    I'll be happy with you in peace!

  2. Are you out of your mind??? I hope you dont claim to be religious...


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