James Holmes Islamic Manifesto Off Limits: Colorado Judge William B. Sylvester Bars University From Releasing Jihadist Document

Muslim Convert

Arapahoe County, Colorado, Chief Judge William B. Sylvester  issued a gag order, no public official is allowed to talk to the press or release any information to the press, signing an order barring the university,  from releasing any records about the defendant. No one needs to know about what made Holmes a killer!

James Holmes sent his manifesto via UPS to his psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton at the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz campus. What is in the manifesto? Details on the killings? The reason why he went on a killing rampage?

Dr. Lynne Fenton

Arapahoe County, Colorado, Chief Judge William B. Sylvester also does not the public to read the manifesto of the Dark Knight killer. Prudence on the part of the judge? Will the judge ever release the manifesto? The trail is set to take place in 1 year, maybe by then the public will lose interest in the case so that any release of information will not cause an outrage.

In one year, the election will be over & Obama will have won the election. No bad press for Obama on the rise of Muslim terrorism here in America, no fingers pointed at the feds for not doing their job in stooping potential Muslim terrorists - a rising trend  to be sure of white converts to the dark side of Islam.   No calls for shutting down all the Mosques and sending the Muslims back to the desert. No calls for interment camps for all Muslims.

When it comes out that James Holmes converted over to the dark side of Islam people will just shake their heads and say that it makes sense, but the public outcry will be dissipated by then. All public passions on this killing will be spent in one year - most will not even remember what town in Colorado the killing took place.

James Holmes is a Muslim convert. Holmes killed in the name of Allah. Why else would the public officials and school officials hide information from public view?

"Mark Caramanica, freedom of information director at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, told the Associated Press that the order was “highly unorthodox.” He said it was unusual that a public institution would consult with an outside entity instead of just following the law and answering the request.

“It seems very premature for a court to get involved and make such a sweeping order,” Caramanica said. “It seems like a very broad and overly aggressive approach.”

Highly unorthodox and very unusal to say the least.

'See how I rend myself, see how mangled is Mohammed!'
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