Muslims Claim That Radical Presbyterianism Turned James Holmes Into A Terrorist!

James Holmes Muslim Convert

"al-Qaeda is the most successful militant group in the world, and I believe militant nationalists in Europe have a great deal to learn from them," Anders Behring Breivik The Norway Monster

"I have studied each one of their [al Qaeda's] actions, what they have done wrong, what they have done right, we want to create a European version of al Qaeda." Anders Behring Breivik The Norway Monster

"I am drawn to the al Qaeda's cell structure and its cult of martyrdom". Anders Behring Breivik The Norway Monster

James Holmes was a churchgoing Presbyterian as a teenager who eventually turned into a homicidal maniac influenced by listening to the mad ravings of a lunatic Presbyterian minister - so says the Muslims at The American Muslim. see here

Presbyterianism turned James Holmes into a killer.

Which Presbyterian church did the killer attend during his youth?  No one knows? No name of the  Presbyterian church is given by the media. Go ahead and google it the best you can and you will find that the media never mentions the name of the Presbyterian church. I would like to know the exact Presbyterian
church that James Holmes attended when he was a teenager.

We know that James Holmes belonged to the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles and was a was a counselor in the summer of 2008 at a residential camp for underprivileged children near Glendale, Calif. The media was kind enough to let us know about this bit of information.

But why not let us know the name of the Presbyterian church he attended? Please a little info!

When the name of the Presbyterian church is revealed one can google the church's website to see just what kind of radical Presbyterianism is going on there.

I sure it will make for a laugh. No one in their right mind will even think for a moment that the Presbyterians are a bunch of political radicals bent on world domination.

Muslims believe it though. The Muslims will try their best to cast distraction away from the real influence that James Holmes fell under and it certainly is not Presbyterianism. More likely its Islam.

You see James Holmes is playing you all for fools that you are. Holmes refuses to cooperate with the investigation and some say that it may take months to learn from the killer what prompted him to kill. Islam of course. Holmes was radicalised by something greater than a comic book and that something is Islam.

By the time Holmes talks, his accomplices will be back in the Middle East all safe and sound etc...

Here is the reasoning of someone under the influence of Muhammad claiming that Presbyterianism influenced Holmes not Islam:
Nick Martin wrote an article on TPM attempting to understand what might have motivated a person like Holmes to carry out such a terrible act. Within that story was this sentence: Holmes graduated from Westview High School in San Diego in 2006, a school district spokeswoman, Tina McDowell, told TPM. His neighbors described him as a shy, Presbyterian churchgoing teen.

According to the Times of Israel, Holmes also worked as a counselor at a Jewish-run camp for children. The article also mentions that he is not Jewish, but was active in the Presbyterian Church.

From these three articles (and thousands of others) we know that: — this is the largest mass shooting in U.S. history — this act is not linked to radical or Islamic terrorism — Holmes was a churchgoing white Presbyterian and was not Jewish or Muslim. —He planned this for months, and would have killed more people if his weapon hadn’t jammed. — He might have taken out hundreds more people if the bombs in his extensively booby trapped apartment had gone off.

How is it that the information about whether or not he was “linked to ‘Islamic’ terrorism” (that is, a Muslim) is important to know, but the fact that he was a “churchgoing Presbyterian” is simply an aside and has no significance? What is relevant?
Above taken from The American Muslim

To the American Muslim - if you want us to believe that the killer Holmes was influenced by Presbyterianism then you better name the church name the minister and give us a few quotes from the lips of the radical Presbyterian minister. Til then, all evidence points to Muhammad as the underlying influence on the demented killer Holmes.

'See how I rend myself, see how mangled is Mohammed!'
Inferno xxviii


  1. To be a Jewish Big Brother, one must be Jewish. His mother is apparently Jewish. This could be one explanation of why he went nuts. Jewish mothers are noted for driving their male children nuts so they marry a shiksa.

  2. where is your evidence that he was a muslim convert? You have not presented any


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