Muslim Convert Lauren Booth Will Appear As Guest Speaker At The Islamic Open Air Jumah Prayer Service At The Democratic National Convention In Charlotte, North Carolina

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Muslims will gather together for Muslim afternoon prayer on Friday, August 31 in Charlotte, North Carolina. This Muslim event coincides with the Democratic National Convention. Many say that the DNC has approved and encouraged this Muslim gathering. But that could be stretching it a bit.

The Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs is hosting the afternoon Jumah prayer at 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM in Marshall Park, Charlotte, North Carolina. The Jumah Prayer will be followed by an Islamic Regal Banquet held at the Hilton University Place, Charlotte, NC.

One of the speakers is a woman convert to Islam. Her name is Lauren Booth.

Lauren Booth is a Muslim convert (2010) she is the half sister of Cherie Blair, the wife of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Mr. Blair converted to Roman Catholicism in 2007. Lauren Booth lives in Terran, Iran and works for the state run television - Press T.V.

Ms. Booth used to work for the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail is very favorable toward Islam. Daily Mail always hides the crimes committed by Muslims. Anytime a Muslim commits a crime in the U.K. the Daily Mail has a very bad and nasty habit of referring to the Muslim criminals as 'Asian'. Very rarely if never will you read the word Muslim in a Daily Mail headline.

It has gotten so out of hand with Daily Mail's bad habit, that the Asian communities had to lodge a public complaint against the Daily Mail for calling Muslim criminals, Asian.

The paper still does and will continue to call Muslim criminals, Asian until the U.K. is 100% Muslim.

The love or fear of Islam at the Daily Mail would help explain why one of its own converted over to the dark side of Islam. I would not be surprised if the entire workforce of the Daily Mail converts en masse to Islam.

In 2011, Lauren Booth told those in attendance at the University of Essex’s annual Islamic Conference in Colchester that:
'That an increase in the numbers of Muslim would be good for Britain.'
The mixed up woman also said that her reason for her conversion was based on experiences she had with Muslim women. And that she admired the bossiness of Muslim women:
'In fact, the bossiness of Muslim women is something of a joke that rings true in so many homes in the community. You want to see men under the thumb? Look at many Muslim husbands more than other kinds.'

Who's The Boss Now?

This mixed up girl also had a desire to visit the empty room of a Mosque. She apparently hates Roman Catholic images, statues and crucifixes. But she love the barrenness that Islam has to offer:
The more time I spent in the Middle East, the more I asked to be taken into mosques. Just for touristy reasons, I told myself. In fact I found them fascinating.
Free of statues and with rugs instead of pews, I saw them rather like a big sitting room where ­children play, women feed their families pitta bread and milk and grandmothers sit and read the Koran in wheelchairs. They take their lives into their place of worship and bring their worship into their homes.

Hatred of religious images is a strong pull toward Islam for any lost soul.

Ms. Booth of course, like most silly women is very susceptible to falling into swoons and having visions. She tells us of one of her swoons that helped her convert over to the dark side of Islam:
Then came the night in the Iran­ian city of Qom, beneath the golden dome of the shrine of Fatima Mesumah (the revered ‘Learned Lady’). Like the other women pilgrims, I said Allah’s name several times while holding on to the bars of Fatima’s tomb.
When I sat down, a pulse of sheer spiritual joy shot through me. Not the joy that lifts you off the ground, but the joy that gives you complete peace and contentment. I sat for a long time. Young women gathered around me talking of the ‘amazing thing happening to you’

Muslim Lauren Booth
Daily Mail Read More of Her Muslim Conversion>>>>>>


  1. I called the DNC and asked them if the muslim event is connected to the DNC and they didn't even know what I was talking about. I talked to 3 people working there on the phone. They said there's usually dozens if not hundreds of events not organized by the DNC that take place during the convention. So basically anyone could just go to Charlotte, organize something and claim it's endorsed by the DNC. The muzzie event is very obviously not endorsed by the DNC.


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