Muslims Chop The Head Off Of The Statue Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

 St. Mary of Victories

The life size statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary has stood watch over the chapel for 50 years. The chapel is located in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Some Muslims sliced off the head on the Muslim day of prayer on Friday, August 9th just before sunrise. The Muslim keep a strict fast during Ramadan from sunrise to sunset only to engage in wild bouts of violence against those who do not adhere to the Ramadan fast, the Muslims also gorge themselves like the pigs they are, until sunrise. Once the Muslims have passed out due to stuffing their greedy gullets they awake to start the day of fast.

The Muslim schedule is as follows:
  1. Fast from sunrise to sunset
  2. Self indulgence from sunset to sunrise

The head of the statue was later recovered painted with red at the side of the mouth depicting blood.
Muslims are a bigoted and evil bunch.

Muslims are good at chopping off heads


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