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St. Andrew Christmas Novena Prayer To Obtain Favors - First Day

Our Lady Of La Salette Shuts Down The C.I.A. Center On Climate Change And National Security

5:15 Say Your Prayers!

Disappointed In The 2012 Election? Our Lady Of La Salette Already Told The Lot Of You What To Expect From Civil Government - But You Never Listen!

5:15 Say Your Prayers!

Hiding From The Forerunner To The Antichrist: Take Heed Lest Any Man Deceive You

Evil Portent For Islam Fulfilled: Satan's City Of Dubai Goes Down In Flames!

Jews Worship What The Roman Emperor Built: Western (Wailing) Wall Was Built By Roman Emperor Julian The Apostate

Evil Portent For November: Venice Floods! Rome Floods! Florence Floods!

Evangelical Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor At The First Baptist Church In Dallas Calls For The Assassination Of President Obama!

11:11 Make A Wish! Bomb Making Muslim Terrorists Accidentally Sets Off Bomb In House Located At 8415 Fieldfare Way Indianapolis, Indiana

Obama To Be Assassinated in Office In 2015 - Ending The Reign Of The Muslim Antichrist!

Evil Portent For Modern Democracy: America Is Divided! Prayers To The Blessed Trinity Have Been Answered

god Romney Unable To Defend His Mormon Beliefs, Gets Visibly Angry: Video

5:15 Say Your Prayers!

Evil Portent For Mitt Romney: Romney Refuses Frozen & Frostbitten Attendees From Leaving Campaign Rally! Exclusive Photos!

Forget Blacks Rioting If Obama Is Not Elected: Muslims Terrorists To Set Off Car Bombs At Polling Stations On Election Day!

5:15 Say Your Prayers!

Cardinal Dolan Sees Laughter, And More Laughter In Sandy's Wake