Fr. Paul Kramer's Epiphany Novena: World War III By January 6th 2013

Father Kramer: 'Well, here we go beyond the firm evidence of approved apparitions and into the realm of speculation. Based on the reported prophecies of a German priest, a mystic, whose veracity is attested to by another German priest I regard as utterly trustworthy, we can surmise that the year 2008 will see the outbreak of war and 2011 the Consecration of Russia and the beginning of the period of peace spoken of by Our Lady of Fatima. The period of chastisement may continue past 2011, but by 2013 the chastisement will have ended and this may be the actual year of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart'
Above words spoken sometime in 2006. Words did not come true.
Must repeat words if got it wrong:
"Fr. Kramer believes it is most likely that before January 6, 2013 is past, the whole world will see and experience the outbreak of World War III, which will be worse than WWI and WWII combined." Fr Gruner's letter to his faithful dated Sunday May 26, 2012 Feast of St. Philip Neri (the clown saint) 
Today is Friday, December 28th 2012. In nine short days World War III is to start. This war will be the war to end all wars. This war will be greater than WWI  & WWII combined. In this war you will die.  
Again, this war is to occur on  Sunday, January 6th 2013. This war will occur on the Feast of the Epiphany. The Epiphany Mass will be the last Mass that you will attend - when you see the bright flashes of light and a hellish glow - know that all you love will soon be vaporized into nothingness.
What to do? Nothing but attend Mass and behave yourself. Make sure that you are in a state of grace.
If nothing happens during the Epipany Mass - know then that Frs Gruner and Kramer are liars. 
A Magician, A False Prophet, A Jew,
Whose Name Is Bar-jesu



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