Would You Pray To This Saint? Or Run The Other Way? Ann Barnhardt The Patron Saint For Gun Nuts!

Rather Hold An Assault Weapon
Than To Hold A Crucifix
"Eventually someone in the U.S. is going to get shot by the government for being a Christian. Let's say that the person is shot with one of the 7000 AR-15s that Janet Napolitano just ordered. How should the dead person be pictured in iconography thence forward? They should be pictured just like St. Paul - manfully holding an AR-15, even if they never fired an AR in combat themselves. It is the ultimate jab at the tyrants - cut me down and it only makes me stronger, and I will embrace your own weaponry and wave it back in your face, sanctified. And then WATCH WHAT HAPPENS." Ann Barnhardt
Demented gun nut Barnhardt will not stop mocking the saints. Now she fantasies that future "christian" saints will one day be mowed down by the US government. These "christian" saints will be martyred by AR-15 etc. and the statues made in memory of these "christian" saint will then be depicted with AR-15 in hand.

Notice that the weak convert to Catholicism includes all members from all forms of protestantism in her pretended fantasy and gives them title of "saint' as if just stockpiling weapons and hoarding food and getting killed by the US government is a one way ticked to Heaven.

How very ecumenically minded of her. According to this gun wielding nut everyone goes to Heaven - as long as you have a FOID card!

Too bad this fat billie bob gun nut did not have recourse to the gun saint Barnhardt for it looks as if he was shot with his own shotgun at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh. If only the gun nut saint was in heaven maybe she would have prevented the gun mishap!

Fat Slob Shot With Own Gun At Gun Show

Ann Barnhardt will not cease in mocking the memory of the Saints. She will continue to turn Roman Catholic Saints into gun wielding fanatics until the day she herself  is "martyred"

Why does this bitch persist in her folly?

Simple, she is not a Roman Catholic.

She, like a snake, is only in the Church to lure others away from it.

Most likely Ann Barnhardt is not a government agent - she is too insane. But she most likely is a paid informant for the feds.



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