Pope Francis The Destroyer To Wash The Feet Of Muslims, Underage Girls & Non Practicing Catholics!

Pope Francis The Destroyer Throws A Rave Party!

The service has in past years been held at the grand Basilica of St. John Lateran, the official seat of the bishop of Rome.  
This time, the Mass "will be, by his express desire, very simple," the Vatican said.
About 10 girls and 40 boys will take part, and the pope will wash the feet of 12 of them, the Vatican said.  
They will be chosen from different nationalities and diverse religious backgrounds.  
After the Mass, the pope will meet with more offenders and justice officials in the center's gym, the Vatican said. CNN Read More>>>>
What to say? I could wait for more news to come out in a few hours telling the world that the Pope actually chose to wash the feet of faithful and devote Roman Catholics - but I know and you know this is not gonna happen. There is no media coverage of the event - meaning that what the pope is doing is so revolutionary and contrary to what the previous popes have done on holy Thursday that the poor pope does not want any evidence of it - ever. Francis the Destroyer is mocking God:

“Raised his hands with both fists making figs,
and cried: ‘Here, God! I throw them in your face!’
Inferno xxv

We're All Doomed!


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